Welcome to Responsibly Drinking Rum TnT 2K13 Part 2 by Credable

Track list

1 Thief A WineBy Kes The Band

2 She ReadyBy Machel Montano

3 Call meh nameBy Destra

4 StagesBy Bunji Garlin

5 ManagerBy Nadia Baston

6 Jammin-By Blaxx

7 Send WomanBy Bunji Garlin

8 BubbleBy Iwer George

9 Wining QueenBy Denise Belfon

10 FETERBy Benjai

11 Life of the PartyBy Machel Montano

12 Permission GrantedBy Patrice Roberts

13 Bruk OutBy Patrice Roberts

14 Boost Har Up RemixBy Koshons ft Patrice Roberts

15 Hard WineBy Bunji Garlin

16 When I GoneBy Kerwin Du Bois

17 I OkBy Kes The Band

18 Doin this Oh wahBy Fey Ann Lyons

19 No GetawayBy Blaxx

20 StrangerBy Farmer Nappy

21 Minglin'By Farmer Nappy

22 "Possessed"By Machel Montano ft Kerwin Du Bois

23 DifferentologyBy Bunji Garlin

24 The FogBy Machel Montano

25 A Little WineBy Patrice Roberts

26 Life of the PartyBy Problem Child

27 Whole DayBy Dev

28 We LimingBy Shal Marshal & Super Jigger TC

29 Fete Of The YearBy Kerwin Du Bois

30 PartierBy 5 Star Akil

31 25-8By Lyrikal

32 SavageBy Bunji Garlin

33 WassynessBy Destra

34 Soca & RumBy Kes The Band

35 Drinking rumBy Machel Montano

36 DrunkBy Farmer Nappy

37 Wettin'By Kerwin Du Bois

38 Wah doBy Olatunji

39 Jump to D FutureBy Bunji Garlin

40 Whistle & HornBy Cassi

41 Spread Ya HandsBy Blaxx

42 PrescriptionBy Ravi B

43 Somebody womanBy Ki

44 Bam BamBy Olatunji

45 No LieBy Machel Montano

46 Ah Come For DatBy Kes The Band

47 BackazzBy Kerwin Du Bois

48 Waistline EnergyBy Lil' Rick

49 Cyah Bother WeBy Lil Rick (Ft. Benjai)

50 A.T.A.O EngomaBy Benjai

51 Body PartsBy Kes The Band

52 DisgustingBy Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois

53 Float (Drum Mix)By Machel Montano

54 Fantastic Friday (Road Mix)By Super Blue

55 Fantastic FridayBy Super Blue

56 De Stage OpenBy Fey Ann Lyons

57 Vikings (Antarctic Mix)By Bunji Garlin

58 Mad Like weBy Tallpree ft Bunji Garlin

59 Monster (Grimy Mix)By Skinny Fabulous ft. Machel Montano

60 Taking EverythingBy Denise Belfon

61 Witch doctorBy Machel Montano

62 Yuh RoleBy Kerwin Du Bois

63 Energy HighBy Machel Montano

64 Doh Tell MiBy Nadia Baston

65 Journey ContinuesBy Bunji Garlin

66 Cha-osBy Swappi

67 Live life like ya playin masBy Kes the Band ft David Rudder

Welcome to Responsibly Drinking Rum TnT 2K13 Part 2

by Credable

The best of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2K13, Responsibly Drinking Rum, Volume 4 Part 2 by Credable from ReleaseDRiddim.comIf you would liketo join us for Notting Hill Carnival check out our new mas band right here! D RIDDIM TRIBE www.releasedriddim.com/d-riddim-tribe

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