Welcome to Turn Up Mix 2k13 by Dj Kellz

Track list

011.Nicky B Ft Konshens - Cut Dem Off.mp3
02 2.I Octane- Get Gal.mp3
03 3.KIng Asar- She Trust Me.mp3
04 4.Beenie Man- Live My Life.mp3
05 5.Demarco -Look A Life.mp3
06 6.I Octane- Me Know Seh.mp3
07 7.Popcaan- Party Non Stop.mp3
08 8.Konshens- Thank God Fi Di Gal Dem.mp3
09 9.I Octane- Nah Stop Pray.mp3
10 10.Popcaan -Proctect Them Lord.mp3
11 11.Movado- Jah Is My EveryThing.mp3
12 12.Konshens- Prayer.mp3
13 13.Agent Sasco Shell.mp3
14 14.I Octane Nuh Care Who Vex.mp3
15 15.Movado- March Out.mp3
16 16.Movado- Cant Happen.mp3
17 17.Mavado & Jah Vinci - Live To Make.mp3
18 18.Flippa Mafia -Hear Me Hear.mp3
19 19.I Octane- Mad Dem.mp3
20 20.Movado- Million Dollar Man.mp3
21 21. Popcaan- More Cash.mp3
22 22.Vybz Kartel- Mr Bleach Chin.mp3
23 23.Popcaan -Bere Gyalniss.mp3
24 24.Popcann -Unruly Gal.mp3
25 25.Aidonia- She Like Me.mp3
26 26.Movado- Movie Star.mp3
27 27.I Octane- Boy Yuh Deaf.mp3
28 28.Demarco- Bun It Off.mp3
29 29.Jah Vinci & Propally- Keep It From Now.mp3
30 30.Movado- At The Top.mp3
31 31.I Octane -Buss A blank.mp3
32 32.I Octane- Danger.mp3
33 33.Munga- Drink & Floss.mp3
34 34.Vybz Kartel- Peanut Shell.mp3
35 35.Vybz Kartel- Dead Already.mp3
36 36.Busy Signal- Bad Up Who.mp3
37 37.Popcaan- Clean Stamp.mp3
38 38.Tommy Lee- Bravery.mp3
39 39.Vybz Kartel -Convertible.mp3
40 40.Tommy Lee- Duh Yuh Ting.mp3
41 41.Konshens -Touch Me.mp3
42 42.Movado- Agony.mp3
43 43.Vybz Kartel - Freaky Gyal Pt3.mp3
44 44.Vybz Kartel -Ever Blessed.mp3
45 45.Aidonia- Baby.mp3
46 46.Konshens -Walk & Wine.mp3
47 47.Konshens -Make it Boom.mp3
48 48.Konshens- Jiggle.mp3
49 49.Aidonia -Pon Di Cocky.mp3
50 50.Vybz Kartel Georgina.mp3
51 51.Chronixx -Nah Follow Nobody.mp3
52 52.Chronixx -Judgment.mp3
53 53.I Octane- When It Ago Ova.mp3
54 54.Movado -It Aint Esay.mp3
55 55.I Octane -Garrison We Say.mp3
56 56.Navino -Real Friend.mp3
57 57.Demarco -Love For Mama.mp3
58 58.Konshens- Look It.mp3
59 59.Jah Cure- Stronger.mp3
60 60.I Octane- Pretty Little Flower.mp3
61 61.Movado- Always On My Mind.mp3
62 62.Lady Saw -Heels On.mp3

Welcome to Turn Up Mix 2k13

by Dj Kellz

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