Track list

Xpert - Smoke Mask Build Up
Lednek - Down In De Meat-
Jab King - Makaway
Slatta - Full Package
Lil Kerry - Go No Way
Tallpree & Xpert Productions - Expressions (Intro)
Terra D Governor - Planet Of The Jab Jab
Squeeze Head - Jab In Parliament
Luni Spark & Electrify - Jab Lives Matter (One J'ouvert)
Skull Dawg - I Wanna Party
Jab King - High Beam
Lavaman - D Petition (Own Carnival)
Lavaman - Old Saltfish
Loose Cannon - Doh Tell Nobody
Luni Spark & Electrify - Know We Already (473)
Kay Frass - Curfew (Inside)
Mushman - Yuh Area
Runi Jay & Killa B Ft. Black Blingers - Wah Could Be Better
Warlord - Go Down Low
KJ & Mirage - Make U Bawl
Anthony KD - Hard Wuk
Jab King - Jab So Nice
Don Jahmel - Jab Dance
Lavaman - Sunday 2 Sunday
Lavaman - Jezebel (Ring The Bell)
Mystyk - Easy Do Tingz
Stormer -- Jab Vs Police
Hypa 4000 - Head Bad
Skull Dawg - Osprey
Lil Jelo - Well Wet
Jab King, Hyena Jab & Sosa - Kiss The Bottle
Lil Jelo - Nonsense
Loose Cannon - Ah Can't Take It
Muddy x Jungle Batt - SIZE 11
Skull Dawg - Burger Bread
Landlord x TaxiBoi - Too Young To Pound
Jab King - Mawet
Khalifa x Happy Boy - Go In Yuh Place
Slatta - Bad Check
Slatta x Lil Kerry - Inside
Boyzie - Headache
Mandella Linkz - Leh Go D Dawg
Skinny Banton - Outta Control-
Lavaman - Live Stream
Mr Killa - No Behaviour-
Mr Killa - Screwdriver (Mr Fix It)
Boogie B; Mr. Legz - Big Long Thing
Problem Child - Dem Alone
Jardel x Jequan - In De Quarantine
D' Regulars - Doh Talk
Temptress - Free The Thong
Chyst - The Remedy
Lil Kerry - Turn Over (FLARE)
Lil Kerry - Wah Have Yuh So
Lavaman - Lavaman - Mash Up Party-
Mr. Killa - Soca Defender
Mr Killa - Soca Storm-
V'ghn - No F's To Give [Clean]
Rick HK & Triple X Xpert - Hold Me-
Boyzie x Xpert - Focus (Pushing On)-
Runi Jay - What We Go Do
Muddy x Boyzie - Party Order-
Luni Spark & Electrify - Can't Wait To Fete-
V'ghn - Find Out (Kevin Intro)
Boyzie - On Yuh
Boyzie - Let It Go
Blaka Dan - Touch It
Shortpree - Take It
Terra D Governor x Skinny Fabulous - Jabbah Rah
Wetty Beatz - Private Party
Boyzie - Need Ah Fete (Jel Intro)
Mr. Gold'N - 473 (Jel Intro)
Big Red - Push It
Slatta - High & Mellow
Lady B - No Ease Up
Skinny Banton- Everything
Tallpree - Fete Nostalgia
Alma Boy - Wrong Licks
Boyzie - M.Y.B
Jab King -- Never Take It On
Jab King & Anil - How
Hyena Jab & Sosa - Say Ur Prayers
Kingston D Gas Presser - Shaka Zulu
Lavaman - Can't Take Me Life
D' Regulars - Ting Tufff
Temptress X Deno Outta Range Mason - Ah Doh Have (Remix)
Ding Dong Ravers x Mr. Killa - Run Up & Down (CLEAN)
Lil Natty x Thundah -- Jab Extra
Runi Jay - Now So-
Shortpree - Culture Is We
Killa B - I Doh Concern
Bramma D General - What I like
Loose Canon - For a Kiss-
Anthony KD - Turn For Jab
Lavaman - Something New
Lavaman - Challawa
Jab King x Hyena Jab - Trick Or Trick
Muddy - Jab All About-



COVID-19 could never stop the true power of the Jab. Enjoy nearly two hours of soca music outta Grenada, 473. 

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