Welcome to Nine Lives Mixtape Series: Soca Edition by dJ H Blendz

Track list

1.Intro - Blendz
2.Cant Let My Love Go - Allison Hinds Shaggy
3.Hold Yuh Soca RFX - Gyptian
4.Anything 4 u - Problem Child ft Kevon Carter
5.Maga Man - Skinny Fabulous
6.Ah Drinka - Ravi B n Problem Child
7.Really Hot - Machel Montano Wildfire
8.Call Me - Faye Ann Lyons n Bunji
9.Jah Will Deal Wid Dem - Problem Child
10.Nah Leaving - Ricardo Drue n Patrice Roberts
11.Outta Space - Yung Image
12.No Boring Gal - Ricardo Drue
13.Its Your Wine - Tian WInters
14.Give Him - Patrice Roberts
15.Gyal Wuk Up - Problem Child
16.Doh Lie - Miss Alysha
17.Couple Up - Macka Diamond
18.Wireless - Vegas
19.Rag Overload - Bunji Garlin
20.Drunk n Disorderly - Skinny Fabulous
21.All Over Di Gyal RMX - Lyrikal Allison Hinds
22.Whole Night - Supa Mario
23.Gyaliss - Ragga
24.Party Plenty - Problem Child
25.Must Be Carnival - Skinny Fabulous
26.Bumper To Fender - Machel Montano
27.Single To Mingle - Patrice Roberts
28.Thiefin - Machel Montano
29.Baddest Wine - Allison Hinds
30.Whining Pro - Skinny Fabulous n Timeka Marshall
31.Go Down - Lil Rick
32.Go Dung Rain - Lil Rick
33.Hold Yuh Tonight - Skinny Fabulous ft Patrice Roberts
34.Pavement - Farmer Nappy n Kerwin
35.Proppa - Destra
36.Ramajay - Lyrikal
37.Nah Go Play - Swappi
38.Goose Bumps - Swappi
39.Alright - Machel Montano ft Pitbull
40.Jouvert Jam - Patrice Roberts
41.Whoii Gal - Machel Montano ft Busy Signal
42.Anything - Buffy
43.Ridin It - Miss Alysha
44.Ah Something - Faye Ann
45.Mad Carnival - Bunji Garlin
46.Gutter - Lavaman
47.Pipe - Patch
48.Wikked Jab - Tallpree
49.Fear None - Problem Child
50.Duracell Charge Up - Skinny Fabulous
51.Duracel Plus - Skinny Fabulous Machel Montano
52.Palance - JW Blaze
53.True Lies - Faye Ann Lyons
54.Fetting On - Skinny Fabulous n Machel Montano
55.Soca Animal - Tizzy
56.No Behaviour - Machel Montano
57.Road Show - Patrice Roberts
58.On de Road - Machel Montano
59.On Somebody - Destra
60.Party Again - Skinny Fabulous ft Danielle Veria
61.Out to all - Lil Rick
62.Aye Apawah - Spice Mas
63.Drunk Sex H Blendz RMX - Yung Image
64.Hunting RMX - Blaxx
65.Brave Roadmix - Bunji Garlin
66.Disorderly - Olatunji Yearwood
67.Tornado - Otis

Welcome to Nine Lives Mixtape Series: Soca Edition

by dJ H Blendz

Fire Soca mix for the 2k10 season…chunes from Yung Image, Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child, Allison Hinds, Patrice Roberts, Fay Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Lyrikal, and many more

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