Welcome to RUN TINGS by DLEM3NT

Track list

.43:9 -Intro
2.In Me Blood -Zee 1
3.Jab Takeover-Bling
4.Tun up de Rags-Pow Pow
5.Psycho -Lavaman
6.food-Log on
7.Oil down-Tallpree
8.Left Right jab-Garvin/Matharon
9.Jab Unruly-Lavaman
10.Doulble Trouble-Lil natty/ thunder
11.Touch ah Button-Terror Kid
12.Can-t control me-Bling
13.Done Capside de place-Deva
14.Million rags-Maximillion
15.Push back-Merzy
16.Ah Bet-Brother B
19.Ah wuking-Lavaman
20.Rock the Boat- Tibbs*
21.Mad man doh Dance -Lavaman
22.Gyal alone-Lavaman
23.No Cokey -Skinny Banton/spider/Valene
24.Vanish-Pupa Leendi
25.Pack wood-Lizard/Madlock
26.take Paint-Baby Blue
27.Uncle Backshot-Ghage Maddis
29.Dandii -4 day morning
30.Like this-Vigorous/Major
31.Salt fish & Oil-Ms fluffy
32.Rough dem up-Soca Banton
33.Born to Mash up-Superman HD/Mr.Killa
34.Can-t Understand-Shortpree

Welcome to RUN TINGS


The Olympic showcases many faces representing different countries, each being proud athletic diplomats in various competitions over the 18 days. Some were swimming and others jumped, but Grenada, we “Ran Things”. Whether it was gold, silver or bronze, the ultimate reward is being given the chance to wave your country’s flag for the world to see.((Dlem3nt@gmail.com) It was amazing to witness Grenada’s superstar Kirani James winning the first ever medal (a GOLD) for our country and to mark this historic achievement by yours truly ,Dlement I’ve compiled some festive, catchy and rhythmic songs from Grenada 2012 Carnival season. So without further ado, CLICK-LISTEN-SHARE 80 MINUTES OF GRENADA VIBEZ.

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