Welcome to From Rude Bwoy To Rasta Charity CD by DJ Rasfimillia

Track list

01 Vibronics - Written Word / Scoops
02 Tony Roots - Let's Praise Jah / Scoops
03 Jah Mali - Stop Self Destruct / Reggae Fever
04 Perfect - Babylon Got Nowhere / Reggae Fever
05 General Smiley - Natty Natty / McPullish
06 Sugar Minott - Scrubadub Style / Mungos Hi-Fi
07 Biga Ranx - Session Pon Top / Mungos Hi-Fi
08 Charlie P - Skidip / Mungos Hi-Fi
09 Little Kirk - Kill Dem Out / Riddim Tuffa
10 Steppa Style - Good Love / Riddim Tuffa
11 Tippa Irie - Basque Nation / Inda Glory Studios
12 Everton Chambers - Walk In Peace / Fast Forward Sound
13 Soom-T - Bring Down The Empire / Reggae Toy Box
14 Kabaka Pyramid & Cornadoor - Final Move / Soundquake
15 Alborosie - Tears / Soundquake
16 Ras Zacharri - Don't Diss The One / Webcam Hi-Fi
17 Perfect - Good Personality / Red Strike Label
18 Skarra Mucci - Raggamuffin / African Beat
19 General Good - Soundkiller / SWS Sound
20 Lady Chann - Money Ah Dem God / African Beat
21 Marina P - This World Is A Mess / Inda Glory Studios
22 El Fata - Oooh Nooo / Webcam Hi-Fi
23 Sukh Indica - Dub For Freedom / Indica Dubs
24 YT - Inna Jamaica / Roots Survival
25 Deadly Hunta - Give Thanks / Reality Chant Prod.
26 Soom-T - Voice of Dissent / Renegade Masters
27 Mr.Garlik - I&I / Inda Glory Studios
28 Ras Demo - No Slackness / Peckings

Welcome to From Rude Bwoy To Rasta Charity CD

by DJ Rasfimillia

This is a charity-project benefiting people in Ethiopia in agricultural, educational & HIV/AIDS sectors! The project and parish name is "Langano Shalla" in the Oromia Region which lays a 170km in the south of Addis Abeba! This undersupplied and poor area in the district Arsi Negelle is not in the use of any existing infrastructure, health facilities and also the school education is in a bad constitution! This region does not have access and no control of economic, social and political ressources! The objectives are: - Improvement of the basic education for 2.500 children - Improvement for the 600 neediest households in the agriculture sector - Sensitisation in the justice between men and women - HIV/AIDS- prevention After a lot of work I was given permission from all featured labels and artists to use their tracks. There are 300 copies of the Mixtape CD "From Rude Bwoy to Rasta", one CD costs 10€ and you can order them via e-mail: djrasfimillia@gmx.at ! 100% of proceeds (after production costs) from this project will be given to Kindernothilfe Österreich (www.kindernothilfe.at/) Youtube-Video-Jingle Link (with Deliman, Zafayah and Soulcat E-Phife): www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C-y9d5-yKw Facebook Contact: www.facebook.com/djrasfimillia

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