Welcome to Responsibly Drinking Rum Cropover Spice Mas And Notting Hill Edition 2K13 by Credable

Track list

1 Whole Day We Jammin [eX+5 Riddim]
By Blacka Dan (Spice Mas Groovy Monarch)
2 Fun Friend (Telephonics Riddim 2013)
By Bobo (Cropover)
3 Women Friend
By Sanctuary (Cropover)
By Timmy (Cropover)
5 Sunrise
By Hypasounds (Cropover)
6 Need Ah Riddim
By Biggie Irie (Cropover)
7 Hide away
By Genna (Notting Hill)
8 M.E.
By Imani (Cropover)
9 Feeling To
By Hypasounds (Cropover)
10 Enjoy Meh Life
By Mikey (Cropover Groovy & People Monarch)
11 Drink till morning
By Lead Pipe (Cropover)
By Peter Ram (Cropover)
13 Question Of De Year (Bumpa Riddim)
By Cooper Dan (Cropover)
By Alison Hinds (Cropover)
15 Yuh Lie
By Sugar J (Spice Mas)
16 Boat
By Bobo & Fadda Fox (Cropover)
17 Siddung (Credable Dub)
By Big Red The DJ (Cropover)
18 Iniminiminimo
By Crab soldier (Cropover)
19 Condense (Soca 2013)
By Porgie & Murda (Cropover)
20 Dibby In A Fete (Master)
By Verseewild (Cropover)
21 Dibby in Fete (BAD PUN DE ROAD MIX)
By Verseewild (Cropover)
22 Behave Pun It
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
23 Headboard
By Salt (Cropover)
24 Go Round [Beatboy Roadmix]
By Scrilla (Cropover)
25 Last Man Standing
By Edwin Yearwood (Cropover)
26 Ten to one (OLD THING RIDDIM)
By Blaxx (Cropover)
27 Baddest Wine (FM)
By Fadda Fox (Cropover)
28 Shut Ya Mout
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
29 Doh Lecture Me (Prod.By.Sd Productions Uk)
By Lutenants [LT] (Notting Hill)
30 Canvas [Soca 2013] [Prod By. SD Productions UK]
By Triniboi Joocie (Notting Hill Groovy Monarch)
31 Something About You
By Mr Killa (aka Johnny Rebel) (Spice Mas)
32 Don't Do That [Soca 2013] [Prod By. SD Productions UK]
By Soca Johnny (Notting Hill/St Lucia)
33 Carnival Starter [UK Soca 2013] [Prod By. SD Productions UK]
By Scrappy (Notting Hill/Monseratte)
34 Jab Jab Nation
By Tallpree (Spice Mas)
35 Life Time Tabanka
By Skinny Banton (Spice Mas)
36 No Worries
By Mr.Legz HT & Yung Image (Spice Mas)
37 Serious Wining
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
39 Soca Wine
By Peter Ram (Cropover)
40 Wine Um Down
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
41 Monster Winer
By Kerwin Duboi & Lil Rick (Cropover)
42 Kotch D Bumper
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
43 Wild out
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
By Machel Montano (Cropover)
45 Defence
By Skinny Fabulous (Cropover)
46 I start d mas
By Wuss Ways (Spice Mas)
47 Mass Everywhere (All Aboard)
By Boyzie (Spice Mas Power Monarch)
48 Best Carnival
By Randy Isaac (Spice Mas)
49 Mash It Up
By Tallpree & Patrice Roberts (Spice Mas)
50 So Bad
By Lil' Rick (Cropover)
51 Wuckup Behind Dis Truck
By Gorg / Lil Rick & ,Jon Doe (Cropover)
52 Roll it
By Mikey & Blood (Cropover Power Monarch)
53 Rolly polly
By Mr Killa (Spice Mas)
54 Wrenk
By Lavaman (Spice Mas)
By Skinny Fabulous (Spice Mas)
56 Take Ova - Release D Riddim
By Big Red (Cropover)
57 Riddim Tribe - Release D Riddim
By Big Bad (Notting Hill)
58 Can't Stop we - Riddim D Riddim
By Soca Child (Notting Hill)
59 Soca Child - Release D Riddim
By Lavaman (Spice Mas)
60 Break Him Dung - Release D Riddim
By Brother B (Spice Mas)
61 Stink & Dutty
By Blaxx & Mr Killa (Spice Mas)
62 At Wuk [Like Ah Boss] [Anti-Social Riddim [Prod By SD Productions UK]
By Lavaman (Spice Mas)
63 Keep calm and Wuk her
By Deva (Spice Mas)
64 Take That (Soca 2013)
By Muddy/Squeeze Head (Spice Mas)
65 Iz We
By Triniboi Joocie (Notting Hill Power Monarch)
66 Forget About It
By Kerwin Final (Cropover)
67 Wine on me
By Mr Killa Ft Disa Dandridge (Spice Mas)

Welcome to Responsibly Drinking Rum Cropover Spice Mas And Notting Hill Edition 2K13

by Credable

Release D Riddim hit Cropover, Spice mas and were on the road with D Riddim Tribe for Notting Hill! This mix is the best of all these carnivals so whether you was there and want to reminisce or want to hear want came out, take a listen to the Credable mix! www.ReleaseDRiddim.com

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