Welcome to TNT VI SOCA MIX by Selekta General

Track list


2.preedy - Whining champion

3.nappy - family

4.nutron - gyal season

5.patrice roberts - doh rough

6.bunji g - differentology

7.patrice roberts - a little whine

8.akil - partier

9.denise belfon - whining queen

10.benjai - feter

11.machel montano - life of di party

12.dennis di menace - dont kill di vibes

13.adam o - heartbeat

14.machel montano - shameless

15.machel montano - hma

16.rebels band - inside the fete

17.bunji garlin - red light district

18.scrappy - dont stop

19.machel montano - drop it down

20.issac blackman - s.o.c.a

21.jadine - whining zone

22.problem child - fete everyday

23.jhonny - shark and bananas

24.kutit -javelins

25.skinny banton - before i come

26.baba shanta - do wah you want

27.destra garcia - trailor load

28.rupee - nothing sweeter

29.lyrikal - soca beast

30.jaiga - hard wuk

31.shal marshall - whining partna

32.pumpa - release di beast

33.kes - siddung

34.flipo - caribbean way

35.flipo - doh tell me dat

36.kylo - biker gyal remix

37.wally kyat - jockey gyal

38.km1 - how can you

39.x6 band - soca party

Welcome to TNT VI SOCA MIX

by Selekta General

This Is a Mix From Selekta General from Unleaded Soundz in the Virgin Islands..This is A 40 song mP3 Mix.Look out for the Cd Link coming soon!!! Soca From TNT and VI ..Hope you enjoy!!!!

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