Welcome to DJ JEL VINCY SOCA MIX 2011 by DJ JEL

Track list

She Tell Me- Skarypon
Middle Night- Maddzart
Love to See- D Landlord
Bubble- Tamisha
Anythin Fuh We- Fya Empress
To The Floor- Fya Empress
Sample- Icon Feat. Hottsand
Cherry- Brewskie
Middle Of Something- Dennis Bowman
Balance Yo Drink- Maddzart
Carnival Wuk Ups- Daria
In The Middle- Daria ft. Problem Child
Sak Pase- Fya Empress
Gimmie Gyal- Skinny Fabolous
ACTION TIME- Colombian
Hold me head- Luta
Naked Truth- Jamesy P
Wine On Yuh- Luta ft. Parry Jack
Big Stick- Galainaire
Bottom Town- Luta
Liqher License- Luta
I Ain't Missin- Bomani
Wotless- Kes The Band
Party Song- Jamesy P
Will Not Stay- Hottsand Feat. Nikki
Rave Out- Skinny Fabolous ft. Busy Signal
Stick On- Problem Child
Wuck Pon U- Icon
Whole Wide World- Maddzart
D Sheep- Gao
Coming For Noon- Gao
Georgetown Mash Up- New sensation
Any Numba Could Play- Godfrey Dublin
Me Nah Eat- Fimba
Grandpa Cocoa- Coyaba
Banana REMIX- Fantix, Skinny Fabolous, Jamesy P, Colombian, Fya Empress
In Yuh Country- DJ20
Hello Bumper- Maddzart
Break YO WAIST- Tamisha
No Prisoners- Jamesy P
Caveman Experience [kubyashi remake]- Skinny fabolous
D Cave- skinny Fabolous
Ah Rude- R3cka
Rum Memories- Luta
Wuck- Luta
Waistline- Problem Child
Explode- Alison Hinds
Masquerade- Danielle Viera
Colors- Fya Empress
Colors [Scratch Master Road March]- Fya Empress
Water- Fya Empress
Wete Fete Without Hose- Maddzart
Flock Up D Place- Maddzart
Rumble- Skinny fabulous
We Miserable- Problem Child
Think Ah Drunk- Problem Child ft. Tall Pree
Out On d Road- Lyrikal
Wash Cork- Steadygan
Somebody- Icon feat. Hottsand
Animal- Fireman Hooper
Animal [Jel Refix/Road Mix]- Fireman Hooper

Welcome to DJ JEL VINCY SOCA MIX 2011



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