Welcome to DESERT HOUSE VOL 3 by Dimensions

Track list

Pop 60 - Anime Edge & Dance
Dangerous - Jack N Danny
Just Say Nothing - Carnao Beats
Crack the Code - Jack N Danny
Wet Dollars - Tazer
What You've Done - Martin Ikin
Just Groovin (vocal mix) - Jeremy Sylvester
Know My Name - Carnao Beats
Lighter (Laurel remix) - Lexx Aurel
Machine - Jack N Danny
Gone in the Morning - Carnao Beats feat. Donaeo
Summertime Sadness (MK In The Air remix) - Lana del Rey
Tame The Strange - Nimble Fist
Bassline - Gotsome feat. The Get Along Gang
Whatever They Want - Frieght Train
Moving Up (Walker & Royce remix) - DJ Mike Cruz, Inaya Day & Chyna Ro
Break It Down - Rafaello Bonaga
Serious (deep house remix) - Maxwell D


by Dimensions

This one deep dark and techy..... 2014 style!!!!

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