Welcome to SDH by Xynk Fence Sound

Track list

Happiest Man Alive
Behaving The Worst
Too Real
Carnival Cabanca (Remix)
Truck On Di Road (Remix)
Differentology (Major Lazer Remix)
She Ready
The Fog
Its A Carnival
Bum Bum (Remix)
A Little Wine
Just A Little Bit
When Di Liquor
Dont Tell Me Dat
To Mi Heart
Big People Party
Monster Winer
Bend Ya Back
Don Dehya
Dont Give A F
Nuh Ramp
Represent Portmore
80s Dancehall (Freestyle)
Wuk Off Yuh Gal
Good Book
Gal Alone
A Wah Gwan
My Own
Louis V
So Much Gal
Nobody Has To Know
Move Mountains

Welcome to SDH

by Xynk Fence Sound

SDH Is A XMG Mixtape Featuring All You Soca, Dancehall And Hip Hop Favorites For 2014, Hope You Enjoy!

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