Welcome to MILLENNIUM SOCA (2000-2002) by SHANE TALON

Track list

Adesh Samaroo - Rajin Jeem Jeem Joom
Atatklan-De Flood
Ghetto Flex & Denise Belfon - Wine & Bend Over
Schrunter - Let we go
Xtatik-Luv U tonight
Destra - Weh yuh want
Shanell Dempster - Go Ahead
Kevin Little - Turn Me On
Gallain-Look me in me eye
Traffik-Wine down low
Collie Buddz - Mamacita (Dubplate)
Rupee - What happens in de party
Surface-Excuse me
Shadow - Yuh Looking For Horn
David Rudder & Alison Hinds-Glow
Rupee - Blame it on the Music
Xtatik-Real Unity
Rupee - Thanks
Square One & Allison Hinds - Iron Bazodee
Kevin Lyttle - Call Me
Square One-Jack it Up
Krosfyah - Best Of Me
Rupee - Tempted To Touch
Square One-In de Mood
Bunji Garlin & Menace - Dead Presidents
Traffik-You Make Me
Bunji Garlin - Hands Up
TC- Kim
Square One - Weh yuh Hand
Sanel Dempster-Nothing
Shyane Bailey - Leggo Mi Man
Atlantik-Is Jouvert
Xtatik & machel montano - Water flowing
Rupee - Till Morning
Shadow-Stranger (T&T roadmarch 2001)
Militant - Hot & Groovy
David Rudder - Trini to the Bone
Militant - Passion
Schrunter - Bachelor
Jamesy P - Nookie
Alison Hinds & Elephant Man-Wave & Holla
Bunji Garlin-Desperado
God Fathers-By the Bar
Machel Montano-Top ah Top girls
T O K-Don Perigon
Treson-We Still Here

Naya George-Trinidad (T&T roadmarch 2002)
Rupee - Jump
Terencia Coward - Jammers
Square One-Togetherness
Burning Flames-Magician
Talpree-Old Woman Alone
Traffik-Road Crew
Nicole-Dj Needle
Sillotte-Ghetto Chant
Machel Montano - Pressure
Precious-Riding It
Bunji Garlin -Fete Is Fete
Bunji Garlin - In the Ghetto
Bunji Garlin Gimmie D Brass
Bunji Garlin-Licks
Dawg E Slaughter - Tic Toc
Treason - Waz da One

Welcome to MILLENNIUM SOCA (2000-2002)


Soca Hits from the Early 2000s

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