Welcome to Summer of Soca II by DJ B-STYLz & DJ 2NYC3

Track list

1) To Mi Heart (DJ B-STYLz & DJ 2NYC3 Remix)
2) Behaving The Worst
3) Move That Dope (Soca Remix)
4) Shake Up Yuh Bum Bum (ScratchMasta Remix)
5) Tu Hai Meri (Soca Remix)
6) Tek Dat & Cool It
7) Monster Winer
8) Indian Gyal (DJ B-STYLz & DJ 2NYC3 Remix)
9) Carnival
10) Man Ah Bad Man
11) It's Carnival
12) Togetherness
13) De River
14) Jump!
15) Faluma
16) Bonnie & Clyde
17) Forget About It

Welcome to Summer of Soca II

by DJ B-STYLz & DJ 2NYC3

Sequel to Summer of Soca 1

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