Welcome to Top Gunning 3.0 by Dj. Kajmirebeats

Track list

1. Intro Bishop Joseph Hargo Affirmation
2. Sleeping on me
3. No basic chick
4. 2 Fly
5. Mary,Mary \\\"God in Me\\\' Kay-bee remix
6. Mary,Mary Walking Kay-bee remix
7. Invisible
8. Light shine skit
9. Lighters
10. Follower
11. Tye Tribbett What can I do Kay-bee remix
12. The Giraffe Apostel V Maunel
13. G.M.C

Welcome to Top Gunning 3.0

by Dj. Kajmirebeats

The hottest new rap artist from Houston, Texas is in the building today with yet another mixtape \\\"Top Gunning 3.0\\\" released May 9, 2014. Kay Bee is a hard worker, reading his bio I realized that things may have not always went his way, but he never gave up on his dream. This mixtape is absolutely amazing folks. This is his third mixtape in his Top Gunning series and this one by far is as he would put it “Greatness“. I have heard some very unique material on this mixtape. From motivational records like \\\"G.M.C\\\" and “Lighters” to lyrically swagged out records like \\\"Sleeping on me\\\" this mixtape is definitely deserving of a platinum download status. The record that has people talking is No basic with his twist on what a good women really is. Kay-Bee delivers once again with some very interesting word play and an even more interesting character change. Kay-Bee brings a brand new passion to the art of making independent music. We should all be thankful Top Gunning 2.0 is a free mixtape as it could have very well been on the shelves. As I end every review from what you have seen in my other reviews, I ask myself the all important question. If I were approached by Kay-Bee in the streets and had a chance to listen before I bought this mixtape, would I still buy it. YES! This mixtape is so good I would have paid the man after the intro. So being that this is a free mixtape, I urge every man woman and child to go and download this mixtape now.

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