Welcome to Def Dem Volume 8 by Joe Dak

Track list

01.Joe Dak - Def Dem Volume 8 - Intro
02.Maestro Don - Go Harder
03.Likkle Dainjah - Follow Dem A Follow
04.Savage & Beenie Man - Dollars a Turn
05.Konshens - 1000 Forward
06.Mavado - Nuh Time Fi Trasing
07.I-Octane - Bad
08.Demarco - Duppy Dem
09.Beenie Man - Stripe
10.Alkaline - More Than You
11.Lady Saw - Mi and Mi Ex
12.Foota Hype - All Kinda Gyal
13.Anarchy - Work Pon Har
14.Leftside - Teenie
15.Elephant Man - Hot Inna
16.Jodi Blakk - Sweetest Taboo
17.Road Elf - Good Gyal
19.Sizzla - Gwaan Ya Gyal
20.Spice - Stevie Wonder
21.Voicemail - Hot Rice
22.Gully Bop Ft M-Gee - Life Too Sweet
23.Capleton - Alright
24.Ding Dong & I-Octane - Hold Yuh Own
25.Demarco - Cyaa Hype Pon Wi
26.Dexta Daps - Happy Fi Wi
27.Jah Vinci - We Nuh Trust Fren
28.Kalado & Ika Maouze - Wah Do Dem
29.Dappa Dapz & Lybran - B*mbocl*wt Song (Exclusive)
30.Bugle - Talk Show
31.Chico - Nuh Fear Nuhbody
32.Mr. G - Yuh P*ssy Phat
33.Future Fambo - Love We Image
34.Mr. G & Mr. Vegas - Inna The Air
35.Blakkman - Nine Night
36.Cp Ink - High Risk (Dub)
37.Goldy - Tell Dem (Dub)
38.Lybran - Burning Bush(Dub)
39.Savage ft K Fresh - Party XO (Dub)
40.Melloquence - Holiday (Exclusive)
41.Demarco - Celebrate My Life
42.T-Nitro - Celebrate, Party Paradise
43.Kypton - Party Cyan Too Much
44.Popcaan - Bad Ah Yard
45.Quick Cook ft Zj Liquid - Nuh Pretender Fren
46.I-Octane - Wah Wi Dead
47.Kalado - Missing You
48.Jah Vinci - Love Give Me Wings
49.Alozade - Luv Yuh So
50.Vybz Kartel ft Keshan - The Goods
51.Spice - Needle Eye
52.Charly Black - Live Inna Yuh H*le (Exclusive)
54.Machel Montano & Sean Paul - One Wine
55.Dappa Dapz - Suh Suh Suh Suh Suh (Exclusive)
56.Ishawna - Vroom Vroom
57.Alkaline - Bedroom Fantasy
58.Chilando - Nuh Happy (Mobay Anthem)
59.D.S.C.O ft Ahbentlee - Affi Mek Di Paper (Exclusive)
60.Venom Legacy - Born Poor (Affi Get Rich)
61.Alozade - Rich Wi Seh Rich (Dub)
62.Vybz Kartel - Money Pon Mi Brain (CT Scan)
63.Vershon - Used To Hungry

Welcome to Def Dem Volume 8

by Joe Dak

Brand new mixtape by Joe Dak. Filled with the latest dancehall music and a lot of dubs and exclusives!

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