Welcome to RDR Remind you when you was small by Release D Riddim

Track list

1.dance hall soca by byron lee
2.Ragga Ragga by Red Plastic Bag
3.Gimmie D Ting by kitchener
4.Luv-Up by Shandileer feat Carl & Carol Jacobs
5.Nety netty by Roaring Lion
6.King Man Love by Ajamu
7.Ah Feel To Party by Black Stalin
8.Bobolist by Jaunty - M. Regis
9.Workey Workey by Burning Flames
10.Rock it with me by Merchant
11.Melosian Rhapsody by Baron
12.Thunder by Duke
13.Mister Music by Ajamu
14.Somebody by Baron
15.Sweetness Is My Weakness by Baron
16.Give Me Soca by Mighty Sparrow
17.Music (Dingolay) by Shadow
18.Raise Yuh Hand by Flyin' Cloud
19.Gal Ah Rush Me by Beckett
20.Bus Conductor by Poser
21.Dus In Yuh Face by David Rudder
22.The Hammer by David Rudder
24.The Bee's Melody by Kitchener
26.ah comin by The Mighty Power
27.neighbour neighbour (sousy) by director
28.Teaser by Beckett
29.Mr. Bissessar by Drupatee
30.Leggo I Hand by Grynner
31.Lorraine by Explainer
32.When last you in a party (long time) by Arrow
33.On The Road Again by Ajamu
34.Boots by Gabby
35.pow pow by gabby
36.Guns by Spice and Company
37.Inez by Ras Isley
38.one step forward two step backward by serenader
39.Jab, Jab by Super Blue
40.I Dont Mind by Winston Soso
41.Doh Eat An Lie Down by Soca Beckett
42.Eating Better by 'd' Hit Man Inspector
43.Whoa Donkey by Calypso Rose
44.This is how I does Wine by Crazy
45.Jab Molassie by Superblue

Welcome to RDR Remind you when you was small

by Release D Riddim

This one is for the true Soca Lovers out there, if you love your Horns, bass, drums, live instruments and those old school lyrics! If you know about Baron, The Mighty Gabby, Super Blue, Serenader, Lord Kitchener, Arrow, Ajamu just to name a few! You want to know how Release D Riddim are deep in the Soca Industry and Community here in the UK and Worldwide! Listen learn and Love! No Gimmicks! Just the beginnings of what started something special! Mixed by Credable from Release D Riddim

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