Welcome to (2018 SOCA MIX) Floops Festival Episode 57 [#FF57] by djfloopstt

Track list

Shurwayne Winchester - Cant Wait For It
Peter Ram - Memory
Trinidad Ghost - Bubble and Dip (Whistle and Drum Riddim)
Marz Ville - Gas It Up (Whistle and Drum Riddim)
Scrilla - Wood (Whistle and Drum Riddim)
Mr. Legz - Traffic Jam (Whistle and Drum Riddim)
Stiffy - Tip and Ben Ova
Devon Matthews - Im Free
King Bubba - No Sober (Wizardz Riddim)
Lavaman - Never Idle (Wizardz Riddim)
Terra D Governor - True Colours (Wizardz Riddim)
Baba Dan - Pole (Radio Edit) Marz Riddim
Brandon Star - Bruk It (Radio Edit) Marz Riddim
Infamous K - Up (Radio Edit) Marz Riddim
Peter Ram - Bumpers and Alcohol (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Peter Ram - Bumpers and Alcohol (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Rhea ft. Coopa Dan - Bare Trouble (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Zan - Sandwich (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Bass aka Trilo-G - Bubble On Ya Girlfriend (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Dynamite - Brave
BlackBoy - Diggy Dagga Dat (Malay Way Riddim)
Boom - I Like It (Malay Way Riddim)
Bossla - Jump On De Bike (Malay Way Riddim)
Freezy - SPLIT IN DI MIDDLE (Lucian Soca 16)
Messi - Gyal Bend (Malay Way Riddim)
Platinum - Aplat [Malay Way Riddim]
D.R.C. - Whine (Local Drum Riddim)
Don Ups & Brandon Harding - We Nah Watch Face (Local Drum Riddim)
Mighty ft. Subance - Bad In Bum Bum
Shepp Dawg - Dumpa Truck
Subance - Back Bend
T-Nak - Push Back Your Belt
Jumo Primo - Doh Run
Freezy x Mad Russian - Bend De Banana (Remix)
Teddyson John - Finally
Crictic & New Era - Soca Slave
Dulk Fyah - La Banana De Panam-
Ricardo Drue - Wayward
Lead Pipe and Saddis - Fete Masters (Group Chat Riddim)
Problem Child - Go Tell Yuh Mudda (Group Chat Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Body Drugs (Unlax Riddim)
GBM Nutron - Be My Baby (Unlax Riddim)
Kris Kennedy - Come My Way (Unlax Riddim)
Preedy - No Love (Unlax Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Body Language
King Bubba - Bubbaling (Visa Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Bruckout (Visa Riddim)
Stiffy - New Money (Visa Riddim)
Verseewild - Spend (Visa Riddim)
Boat Man - Motion In the Ocean (Visa Riddim)
Iwer George - In D Party
Pumpa - Ayayay
Ashana Finesse and Romie Rome - Pull Me Closer
Devon Matthews - On the Floor
Gorg - Sweet Spot (Gummy Bear Riddim)
Marz Ville ft. Skinny Fabulous - Give It To Ya Remix (Gummy Bear Riddim)
Dev - Is Jam (Outlaw Riddim)
Mata Ft Freezy - Boom (Outlaw Riddim)
Blackboy - Fire (Outlaw Riddim)
Nailah Blackman ft. Shenseea - Badishh
Nadia Batson and Pternsky - Worth the Wait
Beenie Man - Gyal Yuh Bad (Love Bug Riddim)
Dymez and Da Pixel - Down In It (Love Bug Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - All of It (Love Bug Riddim)
Problem Child - For Forever (Love Bug Riddim)
Pternsky - Dey We Gone (Love Bug Riddim)
Terron - Just Like That (Love Bug Riddim)
Linky First - Doh Vex
King Bubba - Welcome Home (Jack Frost Riddim)
Lil Rick - Advantage of Me (Jack Frost Riddim)
Patch - Chaser
Blackie - Have a Time
Patrice Roberts - Diamond

Welcome to (2018 SOCA MIX) Floops Festival Episode 57 [#FF57]

by djfloopstt

Floops Festival Episode 57 contains 74 soca 2018 hits and this mix is 2 hours long. Check the Tracklist for full details.

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