Welcome to For The Ladies by Bloodline Sound

Track list

1.Tony Rebel - Know Jah [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
2.Marcia Griffiths - Childish Games [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
3.Wayne Wonder - Rumors [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
4.Buju Banton - What Ya Gonna Do [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
5.Richie Spice - Highgrade In My Chalice [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
6.Buju Banton - Cigarette Smoke [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
7.Marcia Griffiths - I Shall Sing [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
8.Buju Banton - No Respect [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
9.Wayne Wonder - My Sound [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
10.Spanner Banner - Love Will Save The Day [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
11..Unknown - You Gotta Be [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
12.Unknown - You Gotta Be [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
13.Jah Mason - My Princess Gone [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
14.Singing Melody - Back For Good [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
15.Daville - Lovers & Friends [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
16.Mr Easy - Tenderly [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
17.Nittie Kutchie - Let Me Love You [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
18.Gyptian - I Love You So [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
19.Kashief Lindo - What You Want Me To Do [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
20.Biddy McClean - Walk Away From Love [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
21.Turbulence - Name & Number [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
22.Nanko - Lucky You [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
23.Capleton - Jah Is Gonna Be By My Side [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
24.Bascom X - Farmer Man [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
25.Rita Marley - One Draw [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
26.Sizzla - Smoke The Herb [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
27.Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
28.Maxi Priest - Whatever My Eyes Can See [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
29.Sizzla - Got To Be Strong [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
30.Jah Cure - Longing For [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
31.Wayne Wonder - I Still Believe [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
32.Morgan Heritage - How Come [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
33.Sean Paul - Never Gonna Be The Same [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
34.TOK - Tears [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
35.Jah Cure - Love Is [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
36.Kiprich - Some Gal Nuh Know [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
37.Assassin - Bang Bang [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
38.Famous Face - Mixing Board [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
39.Elephant Man - Deep & Wide [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
40.LOC - Ring Ding Ding [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
41.Elephant Man - Err [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
42.Assassin - Dem Dont Like We [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
43.Sean Paul - Temperature [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
44.Shane O - Thunder Roll [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
45.Capleton - Run Up Pon Dem [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
46.TOK - Bun Bad Mind [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
47.Busy Signal - Step Out Remix [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
48.Beenie Man - Chaka Dance [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
49.Voicemail - Do What You Like [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
50.Macka Diamond - Call The Police [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
51.Anthony B - Bad Mind [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
52.Hawkeye - Nah Play [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
53.Vybz Kartel - Ni Ni Ni [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
54.Beenie Man - Dancing Mood [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
55.Vybz Kartel - Hello Moto [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
56.Sizzla - Eyes On Me [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
57.Vybz Kartel - Coming To War [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
58.Beenie Man - Nah Apoligize [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
59.Elephant Man - Turn It Up & Dancing Time [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
60.Baby Cham - A Prayer [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
61.Baby Cham - How I Ride [bloodlinemixtapes.com]
62.Cobra - A Who [bloodlinemixtapes.com]

Welcome to For The Ladies

by Bloodline Sound

Bloodline Sound - "For The Ladies" The First Mix CD by Bloodline Sound released in Spring 2006. Download This & More at www.bloodlinemixtapes.com

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