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  • 99J burgundy bundles body wave wig is more elegant than straight hair, with the charm of a mature woman, making you the most elegant and temperamental woman at the reception.
    Washing a tangled body wave hair wig is not a good idea, it will make the state of your hair wig worse. A silky hair wig is easier and convenient to wash.
    Washing your wig in a sink is easy to make it tangled. We suggest you use a shower head to rinse it.
    If you are light-skinned, both HD wigs and transparent lace wigs are suitable for you. As transparent color lace can match light-skinned people well, and HD lace can match all skin colors.
    If you are dark-skinned, medium brown lace wigs match dark-skinned people better than transparent lace wigs.
    613 lace human hair wigs are suitable for girls of all skin types. For white skin, it will highlight your skin color and be more beautiful on the original basis. For girls with a darker complexion, wearing this wig will make you appear fairer and show off your beauty.
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