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    Do countries other than Barbados and Trinidad produce soca?

    If you waiting for a hand out then you will continue to remain in the same position you are in. Make good music and be willing to push your music. You ask what you should do? There is no mystery and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Look at what the other succesful artists in other...
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    Would you take a job where you would have to wake at 4:00am to reach for 8:00am

    Speak to your potential supervisor and explain to them your circumstances. See if they are flexible if you miss the early train if you can work it out. Nothing beats work experience coming fresh out of college. It gives you the edge over the kids that have no work experience. if you feel...
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    No lie, Skinny come hard in this one. Between he and Problem so far, Skinny ah lead.
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    Hardest College Course You've Endured?

    Depends on how well you did in Cal 2 and 3. It's applied mathematics. So it builds upon what you learned. If you struggled in Cal 2, you will probably struggle in Dif EQs.
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    Hardest College Course You've Endured?

    Differential equations has a prerequisite of Cal 3 if I remember correctly. It's a math elective like linear algebra. (Not that there same but another elective).
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    Hardest College Course You've Endured?

    Cal 3 was ridiculous. Taylor and Mclauren series was painful to me. The physics as long as you took them in series with the cal classes was easy. The math you learned in cal was applied in pysics so it helped a lot.
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    Problem Child- Fear None (Hunny Bunny Riddim) [2010 Vincy Carnival]

    This song sounds crazy nice and loud. Big tune. The sample is from a surfer tune. I like the spin on it.
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    Pumpa - Carnival Gaga for STT Carnival

    I like it. The song has potential. It could be smoothed out a bit more production wise but it's catchy.
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    Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to a Store Near You

    I think that's what healthcare reform really needs. Preventative medicine starting with how we treat drugs here. We are constantly treating the symptom instead of trying to find the cause. Listen to a drug commercial when they list the side effects. You start taking one drug and tehn you...
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    Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to a Store Near You

    According to the article they claim that nano foods "enhance taste" and allow the food to "last longer". I think the main focus is shelf life regardless of whether they want to admit it or not. It's a scary thought that we are being told that it's not in our food but it's in special plastic...
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    my way to cook this ok ?

    Yuh shoulda set up a wan special plate jus fu he :wizard:
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    my way to cook this ok ?

    AS she said, you need more oil in the pan, make sure the plaintains are ripe and when you take them out, rest them on a napkin to soak out some of the oil. When they turn that nice golden brown, just flip them.
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    I was just about to say the same thing. If you look at soca music, it is already diverse and it has been for years. Another hybrid of the genre isn't killing anybody. Most years artist make albums that they never really recoup their investment on. If they want to try something different...