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    Warning to Black Women who are Addicted to Weaves!

    This is quite an interesting comment you made. I'm compelled to ask one question to those men who support natural sisters, why are you generalising all women who don't sport their natural hair by saying that they're ashamed of it? I was definitely not ashamed of mine when I relaxed mine well...
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    Life shouldnt be about

    This Really Happy 13-Year-Old Hacks His Education, And Now I Regret I Didn't Do The Same With Mine
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    Runoff vote: GDragon vs. Bunji til 11am EST Saturday

    It's well after 10 am there now so I think they just realised that the polls have restarted not. Any looks like it's gonna be a tough one.
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    Runoff vote: GDragon vs. Bunji til 11am EST Saturday

    Unfortunately they're ahead in time zones so when we ass tired they got some sleep and ready to kick ass.
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    Runoff vote: GDragon vs. Bunji til 11am EST Saturday

    They aren't sleeping anymore. Bunji slipped from 87.72 to 87.43 in less than half and hour
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    LOL@Pedophile.....give me a fckin break.

    When I as 19 I dated a 33yo.Cyah see myself dating a man older than my eldest brother. 14yrs older than my age or less is my max limit. Hell it was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world..:brunette:
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    Yardies - do you avoid trinis ?

    Sounds like you're the problem not the trinis you meeting.. :scratch
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    A ting ah see on FB

    Well there are a couple benefits actually not just one. 1) Children need boundaries, they think enough about the opposite sex as is, they don't need to be so distracted by what they're wearing or not wearing. 2) Uniforms bring focus to the matters at hand,schools are for getting an education not...
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    If you remember this, you had an awesome childhood...

    These bring up so many happy memories.....
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    things i HATE to see on other females

    You mentioned panty lines but what worse is when you could see not only d shape but d colour of d panty too.
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    Something Interesting/Unexpected

    I hate drinking water, I could taste everything in it and it goes straight to my bladder. I have no idea how people could drink 8 glasses of water everyday. I can watch a movie/ad and spot all the poor editing they did.
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    Something Interesting/Unexpected

    I can't take painkillers. If I got pills to take every 8hrs for pain I would only be able to do so twice then I'd be down to taking them every 2hrs because they do absolutely nothing to relieve my pain. I don't get addicted to the pills, but it sucks as my pain threshold isn't high to begin with.
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    Inappropriate or Innocent???

    I have no problem with the pic. I have a daughter and I would gladly put her in that dress opposed to the many pompom shorts/ rompers/ mini skirts / leggings/ extremely fitted clothes they have available for lil girls. If this an example of a child dressing adult I'm all for it. Too many lil...
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    T&T flood out again....

    That's nothing new. In fact a documentary was done about it.
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    Something Interesting/Unexpected

    *I have an extreme fear of failure. *I hate when people disturb my reading and I have to curb my reaction when I'm at work and repeatedly interrupted. *I have a terrible memory. I try not to make people feel bad that I didn't remember them so I usually chat with them and when they're gone ask...