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    Official DC Carnival 2008 Thread

    thanks for the updates..............
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    Official DC Carnival 2008 Thread

    here's a link to jackie's band Home Page here's the link for panisha band Panisha Masquerade Band
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    Atlanta Carnival 2008

    Its a rap... i'll be there this year..... :yu:
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    Trinidad Carnival 2007 0n BET

    yup, i caught the show was good...i tried to call everyone i knw so they can catch it too.....
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    Recipe Thread

    ok here we go well i did the stew chicken and tht came out perfecto..... thanks to u guys.. now can someone give me the recipe for callaloo.. thanks in advance...
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    Recipe Thread

    i just want to thank everyone for the ideas on making stew chicken... i did it this pass sunday and it turned out very good for a change.....;) a little more practice and i should be perfecto....
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    All my peeps with locs....

    ur hair looks very nice.. i remember when u first started growing them..... where can i find tht product at, my hair is very thin and breaking.... for some reason it seems as though it been the same length for 2 years now.... and i think tht's because of the breakage...
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    Recipe Thread

    stew chicken i knw this maybe easy to some folks... but for some reason my stew chicken never comes out right.. can someone please give me the recipe for making stew chicken... thanks a lot in advance..
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    How 'bout dem Cowboys?!?!?

    steuppssss.. dallas sucks..... wait until they meet up with the redskins, then well see how good they really are.....
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    And to Add: DC Carnival Weather Forecast

    it felt good to get out.. i had fun... u knw with a new baby and everything i have to take advantage of ervery moment i get.....;)
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    And to Add: DC Carnival Weather Forecast

    huh... wht u talking about?:grin:
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    And to Add: DC Carnival Weather Forecast

    perfectooooooooooooo :yahoo::yahoo:
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    The official DC Carnival Thread

    4 more days.....:drinks:dance1