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    war means love...

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    Breadfruit Is For Roastin

    yuh makin
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    I does do the same thing...use the "uncle" line to keep from being godfather
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    I spoil all of my friends kidz(when I can)......but I only have 1 goddaughter......and there is nutting I wont do for her.........I am never in a rush for that godparent title.......even though my aunt told me the other is not good to refuse being someone's godparent when you are asked
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    Jobs that you Hate...

    I know how yuh feeling..I hate my job too
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    Have you met most of the active posters on here personally?

    I know a lot of the old bakes, pjk, unclewiz,amps,essiboo...when imix people use to real hang....doh know too many of the current to new members
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    Ladies at the gym 'PSA'

    doh study it.......I and them......go still be gawking
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    Miami Imixers

    how nice is nicely
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    Miami Imixers

    anything worth going to there dis weekend
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    Who is going to save BAJAN SOCA?

    the problem is that no 1 producer is going to forever have the hits.....the pulse of soca is forever changing......the bajan artist still make good music..that hardcore fans will still just that right now the St lucians and vincy producers...have the riddims dat attract...even...
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    Hottie Hottie time again...

    I like de bottom lip on c
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    Older men and younger women....

    older men just sometimes want someone to stroke their ego(which a younger woman does)some older woman(or someone you've been with for a while)does not necessary find stuff you do or say interesting anymore. I am sure older women feel the same just they are more loyal to a...
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    dude, you are fcked

    so you have never have always found the most perfect person,for you,in this world
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    dude, you are fcked

    horning was happening way before will (or has) happen to us and it will happen way after us.......people who cant deal with the imperfections of other human beings in a rational way should never be in relationships anyone in this day and age who is totally blindsided by cheating is...
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    Which DRINK, runs tings..?????

    I agree wid you.....and add a homemade grapefruit juice..nutting quenches ur thirst better