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    The Coronvirus Epidemic

    this shit crazy... I worried for elder family members. I worried for people jobs.. people out hear not listenin to stay home if you dont need to go out and to not congregate and thats gonna prolong this shit i just need things to get back to normal fast
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    Who are these lowlives posting and what are your motives ?

    lol like the site get taken over lol
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    Porn Porn Porn

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    Basketball Just got Fun Again

    There are like 3 teams that legit have a chance at the chip. I wish Durant was healthy then it would be 4 teams
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    Amerikkkan Injustice Black student robbed of salutatorian because district feared white flight, lawsuit alleges Alissa Zhu, Mississippi Clarion LedgerPublished 1:49 p.m. ET May 2...
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    "name one country run by a black person that’s not a shithole.”

    God That Trump Kool-Aid must be tasting so good to yall.. You mean to tell me you don't believe there are no Black led countries that are not shitholes? And why you pick on Black led countries?
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    Wait, OMG, I just realize Imix is 20 years old 2018.... STRYKA, Dragon ....

    i joined in 2002. had many names. had some good times... made some good friends from here.
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    I hope the NBA finals is not going to be another snooze fest this year

    But most likely it is... 30 point routes, no competitiveness #boring. Cavs win one game if that
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    New apartment buildings popping up in Brooklyn , Convince now that it will Bust!

    i think there is going to be a big housing surplus with a lot of units going empty and people not being able to afford them...
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    Your Favorite Instagram Models !

    most of these broads be so fake and corny to me. I do like Lulu Simmons tho and Bria Miles. (the jury is still out on whether or not her ass is fake)
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    Black Panther Trinidad Premiere: This is how we do it in T&T.

    yo this is DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!!
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    No, The Olmecs Were Not Black

    you have any evidence? usually when people make this claim all they have as proof is pictures of stone sculptures with big lips and wide nose. i'm like those people from that region to this day have big lips and wide nose and broad faces.
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    Bed-Stuy Gentrification , it is a wrap !

    a lot of black people sell because they are in financial trouble and selling is a bailout...
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    Dow 22,016 Trump is the Man......

    no ship stays sinking forever. every dynasty is gonna have its rebuidling years(LA, Chicago, etc.) and every bottom of the barrel team or expansion team has its championship years