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  • Dutty oney putting this recipe all ova...chooops...Aye wah it hah to eat on dese ends ah craving fuh some shrimp and conch roti....chooops
    Welcome To Rum & Equality

    I'll Send Out A Drink Recipe Weekly:
    Starting With The Islands Expanding Globally

    This Week

    Country: Trinidad
    Name: Tuna Puna Drink

    1 can Carib Beer
    2 liters ginger ale
    1 sm. frozen orange juice concentrate
    1/4 cup Rum
    Orange sherbet

    Mix beer, ginger ale, orange juice and rum. Stir. Float scoops of sherbet on top.
    hehehehehehehe got you ya big head self
    Mrs Tee suh there is a Mr. Tea Stupse and i did now start feeling happy dat we get fuh lock lips on the same spliff :cuss:
    suh if she name wong wha you name?
    yuh notice i aint seh nutten bout yuh coughing there were a million tings i coulda said den
    its the truth ayuh dangerous Akon song dedicated to yall
    Damn ayuh imix ooman cantankerous eh? You musse deh underneath me table fuh know wha i doing wid both hands. Note of advice don't believe everything yuh read ;)
    I still aint know what you talking bout gyal will be back fuh deal wid you soon as i dun sum wuk
    HAHAHAHAHAHA And you talkin bout fass eh? I gun deal wid yuh when i reach home leffin wuk now
    Craig have meh laughing here...he ovah sweet....ssshhh dont tell him I say so eh, it would get to his damn head and he wont fit thru de door ;)
    Arubian? You is an Arube? OK. Yuh learn sumting new everyday
    No redz...They musse ran out before I got here.I can go with you and help you look in the back. :blind:
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