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    It good fuh yuh only ting yuh need air from is duh season spliff yuh trying fuh pass to me
    Nah not going BIM this year will definitely be in Miami though for carnvial weekend.. :beach:
    i aint know is wham wid she fore she put up the weed colours dis kiskadee yellow. Qu'est ce quil a dit?
    LOL, I like that one. Im getting closer and closer to the big day. Im already 1 centimeter and counting, so before you know it, little princess makes her debut.
    Yes, it is always good for them to see places and experience DIFFERENT things. Hopefully, it will give them a more ROUNDED OUTLOOK on LIFE.
    I haven't taken any SERIOUS INTEREST in this NEW OPTION yet, so that is why it isn't SPRUCED up.

    Well, she is doing good. She is playing summer league now.

    Geez' Louise...Look at this profile...You have too much time on ur hands..LOL

    BTW, what this disapointment about?
    most definitely my love. Ofcourse she has to make a debut on I-mix.:kicks Hubby has been pretty good with making a connection. She can sense when he's coming through the door from work, or when hes near. It brings a tear to my eyes at times. He'll sing to her, read to her, play with her. Shes going to be a serious daddys girl.
    Im doing great actually. Just waiting to have my little stinkiness. Her father is beyond himself with impatience, especially when he sees his homeboys newborn. LOL. Im about 8 1/2 months now, but I feel so ready. Thanx for asking, thats really sweet. Meanwhile, how are you.
    but is why yuh coughing suh like is bush weed yuh has deh? Mek i smell how dis ting burning before i tek a pull and turn into junkie.
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