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    All my peeps with locs....

    Greetings Greetings to All. I have not been on the mix in's pure maliciosness that I passing through I cant beleive Bunji and Allison cut of deem locs..I just had to see a pic and I knew the mix would have deem...Stay Bless eveyone and continue success on ya Loc journey:victory:

    Miami was grrrreeeaaatttt!

    :read:Hello yaself smartness....

    Miami ONE Carnival

    The carnival was alright few things need to be worked out.dont like the venue ,dont like the route,started to late I can go on and on the bright side is we were united ,the costumes were very nice everyone behaved

    Miami was grrrreeeaaatttt!

    I agree 100% flag nite was a flop next year I hang by Joys roti shop and wet williesif the party not outside I aint want nutten to do with it

    Never B4 Seen Pics of A Douen (Enter @ Own Risk)

    Nice to see tings aint change:scratch

    Thank you much :)

    Thank you much :)

    All my peeps with locs....

    Blessings ppl ...long time no post just wanted to share a few pics the first is Thursday can you believe FLA was 30 degrees Lawd God that is tooooo cold fa me a soon going have ta fine a warmer and the other pics are just random hair pics no biggie since thats the only 2 styles I...

    All my peeps with locs....

    I had to do a double take on the first pic ...almost thought it was me......

    Whats Your Dream Car

    her name is "EMPRESS" is she gorgeous:brunette:
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    Any Black Panthers on the Mix?

    Did a paper on the Black Panthers back in college. They were an Organization with the best intentions and they did alot of good for the community like free brekfast in schools,free clinics in the community along with others but they were also a left wing organization alot of their theroy came...
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    Pembroke Pines

    oh the memories....
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    She's back!!!

    lol I get it......
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    It's December 5th...

    :security: did you hire security? :security:
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    Victoria Secret Fashion Show

    no prob Boss I know how ta get on ya good side ......"CREAM"
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    Pembroke Pines

    :kicks or when KL was conceived..