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    LUSH .... Yummy

    If you can be famous for having a pop down body like that...yeah. Saw mmucccch better looking girls in Lush than that mess!
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    LUSH .... Yummy

    Jules Stanford Kissoon Sobion's Photos | Facebook .......Nice
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    Crop Over 2k11

    The same time as Booze Cruise you have Limerz Cruise...that already sold out too. You have Island Mas breakfast party too that morning early...can't think of anything that particular day and time but if you want cruises you have everything from Uniform Boat Ride on Thursday, Roast (:D) the...
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    If a woman has 2 men...

    She sounds like...a Trini. hahahaahaa. But seriously, I don't see anything wrong. Except for the celibate part. And btw Ananci's posts ftw-I wanna send that to all my male friendsies
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    To the Bajans living in Bim cumma

    Well you could always go with Baje and pay $1050.00 *skinteet*
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    Crop Over 2k11

    Trple Fdesigns | Facebook
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    Crop Over 2k11

    I have never heard, from anyone that Bathsheba is stush-but hey, if you choose to believe so by all means go to Glow(!) <------seriously?? people still go to that?? HAHAHAA And Cabanas is looking EXTRA stush any event like that will be full of posers. I going Frazzled, then Friday is Bathsheba...
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    Crop Over 2k11

    Don't even know about that cruise you put up socadiva. It's definitely not Booze cruise. I going Baje jouvert as usual, but plenty bands on the road. I see a facebook page that has a good listing of events and different things. Trple Fdesigns | Facebook
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    To the Bajans living in Bim cumma

    Ahem... It's not only someone who used to do Radikal but one of the guys from Bash Brothaz as well-R.G. The frontline costumes have a jouvert included. Jouvert with Island Fusion is $150(!) so not bad. Because the frontlines are $800. Baje seems to have taken a lot of their hype away to be...
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    National Pride: Rihanna Signs 3 Year Deal To Promote Barbados

    Honestly, I don't feel she gives two shits about Barbados. Really. And she is not the image most Bajans want out there. But hey, they always defending her, a youth ambassador they made her. Go figure
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    Jouvert 2011

    It absolutely is better than pretty mas imho. I am upset that I may not play this year as I don't know if I can do that and be on the road Monday too. I have had the experience with mud and all to say is: jouvert ftw!
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    So who is going Yuma Fete??

    MEEEEEEEE. I think drinks inclusive is fine. Beginning to think food at a fete is overrated. Lovely price too.
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    YUMAs get ready to pick your costumes up by the end of february or else...

    Yuma truly on shit but here's the solution:sell your costume and take your money elsewhere. Simple.
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    Beach House Fete 2011..prices in..and more drama

    Salybia? The old people fete? Methinks I will pay for Beach House tank yew
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    Crop Over 2011

    Heard Rostrevor is ok, was going to tell you nothing really 'close' to the jump up unless you staying in Brighton Beach. Welcome! Anyone who saying you moving fast all I can say is Barbados is the sweetest country in the world, I would have a ticket on standby throughout the year :D