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    Official St. Lucia Road March 2016 song...

    whats songs placed 2nd and 3rd
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    Bunji's heading back to 106 & Park

    im a garlin fan,,, but ferg didnt do anything for the song...nothing!
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    Richard Thompson on his way to a medal at the 2016 olympics?

    this is an off year in track and field,,,, common wealth games dont mean much..... a lot can change in 2 years but lets see what richard does next year , in a world championship year
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    Bunji performed on 106 and Park, scheduled to show on 5/1

    machel time has passed.... sad cause i think he is the best soca artist we have had for the last15-20 years
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    Chelsea vs PSG – Predicted the score

    technically it can.... followed by penalty kicks
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    Y'all Watching De Cricket

    im not a fan of test cricket, but you see 20/20 thats pace from the start
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    Imix top 1% - Updated List

    last time i bet was the nfl championship weekend 2 months ago,,, should start soon
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    what about the superstar in training Tamisha?
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    POS Mayor: Too much vulgar behaviour in carnival. Where he been all these years?

    carnival is to free up... i get that and agree.... but you do have to realize that the youths are around... You cant have people altering dem costumes, some making their own just so they can be exhibitionist on de road... let dem go play mas in a back yard in moruga and do what they want...
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    Machel: I’m here to stay

    was a shit song
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    Machel: I’m here to stay

    garlin aint doing no song with boy garlin aint accepting an invite for mm from boy i dont blame him
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    Dimanche Gras 2014 Live Right Now!!

    some people are dotish,,, de amount of people that ordered it on ppv( cable ) when it said 9-1am,,, and they missed basically the whole power monarch, rofl