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    Iron Man 3 Trailer

    :ok: looks good
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    Alex Cross.

    I gunn give it a try and see Wah he does wit it .....
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    Who to trust in this cold Imix world

    Dey got some cool imixers that I kool wit offline....good people
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    It fockin good LMAO!!

    Damn aya
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    Its Friday On De Mix...What Have YOU Learned This Week?

    I learn that ...dis place still got vibes....very interesting vibes
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    How Yall Feel About R&B Artists Puttin Curses in Their Music...

    I think it could work but only in certain circumstances. I agree with the comment on Trey Songz to me the man just get corny as hell. As for R Kelly I think the man is one of the best to ever do it - scandal or not. But of course he is not the greatest.
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    sleeping lady got grope up good on #4 train......videoo

    Wow!...she gotta be drunk or in a deep sleep. Either way that man need to,be taken of de streets ASAP....imagine how much more of that kinda thing he got away with
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    Jamaica SWEET

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    Its only tuesday thou..

    Wha gwaan king?! ...
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    The Loneliness of the Guyanas

    Wow! GT to de bone ...not a blade of grass.
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    Yuh bull down

    jah kno star