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    KMC - THING " Soca 2014"

    i like...welcome back!
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    Iwer George Feat. The Mad Stuntman - Mama Oh (Remix) [2014 Power Soca] [SN Family]

    I en go lie nah ah rhel like dis song...stunt man geh orn too
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    Why didn’t the New York Times publish the exposé they commissioned of virulent racism

    nothing new alyuh en realise Israel and Jews could do as dey please without any backlash...
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    ahhh benjai this one de riddim too. seeing dah is vp post this ah guess it's safe tuh say its ah vincy riddim or some kinda vincy connection with this song?
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    Can Spice Mas Releases Make It To Trinidad Carnival 2014???

    how was bacchanal start by Mr Killa, was it a well received or big song in grenada? dats my favourite song from grenada dis year
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    jehue gordon-world champion!

    Well done Jehue, well executed exciting race, thank de lord he head so big dat it help propel and give him de extra momentum over de line
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    Being "French" or English

    well in England if you're from any ethnic background then you're "British" and not "English" even if your parents and grands were born and grown in the country and were fully submerge in the culture...still not english doubt the same applies to any other whites in the scenario above lol so...
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    Miss the birth or your child or make a million dollars...

    I really think something wrong with me because i never feel no big setta excitement wen my son did born, was there saw everything n even cut de cord n all. i was jes happy and relief dat he was healthy and everything but tuh be honest i wud miss it for ah shot at ah mil lol nuff man just fraid...
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    Best Of The Best Soca Riddim for '13 :Project 5

    yea ah believe dedetrini have alyuh beat here...even song fuh song de soca future riddim takin it too
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    Outrage in T&T: Abu Bakr.

    ah was ah little boi dem times n member seein mih uncle dem running n jumpin fence tuh get home because ah army man chasin dem after curfew hours lol
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    Miss the birth or your child or make a million dollars...

    fock dat go fuh de mil...child not goin n remember who attended tuh who was absent
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    Real close to getting Bale!!!

    Madrid team doh know how tuh gel even after couple of years with de same players and Bale en goin n help with dat he's more of an individual talent and yea Neymar is de real deal...still not as good as falcao though :fan_1:
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    this song should be mashing up the caribbean by now

    nah klang do better dan dat
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    I have a confession to make

    aye big fockin tune boi...any time ah crank dah up and geh de "yuh feel yuh white awar look" ah does jes laugh, tune too infectious
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    Cruise and kids

    Gyul stay away from cruises eh...wam yuh daughter is ah geriatric or wah, leave dem kinda ting dey fuh old ppl