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    History of calypso - the hard facts!!

    Despite the regular detractors...good thread..some good info!!!
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    Trinidad....the Capital of the Caribbean

    the topic of the thread is Trinidad...the capital of the Caribbean...not capital of the World...the fact that you mentioned all these things That Trinidad has and no other island has proved this point..... What does Brazil and the rest of the world have to do this this?....they are not in the...
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    Nice article about Nearlin Taitt: The secret Trinidadian hero of Jamaican music

    So now that we know that Jamaican culture is KING and Trindad Culture (soca) is lame. What is your problem with the article? Is it incorrect?
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    How do you feel about Horn Africans (Somalis/Ethiopians/Eritreans)

    Think about what ur saying here........"Do you know how many Blacks come up to me and say that their 'friends' tell them they look Somali/Ethiopian"....Maybe this is because Somali/Ethiopians are BLACK!!!!!!!!!:swoon:
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    How do you feel about Horn Africans (Somalis/Ethiopians/Eritreans)

    Seems like you and the small amount of people who think like you are programmed to believe black is bad and so you want nothing to do with it....Ur fully delusional about your own reality because of how you were programmed to think!!! de Horners i know about come in white, Black, Indian...
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    Protest against "bake and shark" consumption in Trinidad

    But ah thought they say the whole "bake and shark" ting was a scam to begin with. People was saying is not real Shark they was using, but catfish they was frying up and calling it shark.
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    Machel: I’m here to stay

    I thought they already do a song together...back in 2006 i think. It was boy, Garlin and Shurwayne...."move with us" i think was the name
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    2014 Steelband Panorama Thread!!

    Any other Steam besides Carnival Tv? I cant take the delay when watching pan. sound not matching the video.
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    Ask a Somali anything

    How do you guys really feel about Captain Richard Phillips???
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    Predict the 10 finalists for Trinidad soca monarch

    oh okay...i didn't see the performances yet. I just like the chune
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    Predict the 10 finalists for Trinidad soca monarch

    Would like to see Devon Mathews in the Power line up with Level it..I fine that chune real bad. Didn't see him perform it yet though...As a matter of fact you could add Devon in the Groovy too. Greedy real bad.
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    Soca Monarch 2014 Launch live stream at 8pm tonight

    How come everything with dem does always be delayed??? Sh$% real annoying, everything does always be delayed, same thing with dem when ya trying to watch de Warriors play some football. Ting does be happening right deh and ya could never get to see it live...Well ah guess we shouldn't complain...