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    De resurrection

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    Its all about timing. You can't at this point cuz you aren'y ready yet...and there is nudding wrong wid dat. Go out and explore and do your thing. I am a man who did that already. As many have said in this pums is sweet, but the multiple partners come with multiple personalities...
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    Looking to purchase a new car..

    Excellent pick! ..If this doesnt work for you, try the A4, or A6. The A4 2.0T handles much better than its 3.2 twin. Clearly its just an option for more horses...but you cannot go wrong with Audi.
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    Where can I get some good doubles in Brooklyn

    Yes I am...still breathing, just on several different tingz. :dirol:
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    Where can I get some good doubles in Brooklyn

    Glorias on Nostrand, or Ali's on Utica. But you should know this already. :taunt:
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    Bill Cosby's On "Meet The Press" on NBC

    good program...only problem is, the black folk who needed to hear the message probably dont even watch meet the press, nor will they buy the book. The message needs to hit the hood by people in the hood.
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    Despers Say "Enough is Enough"

    U tired? I park up my bass in 05'. Now all I do is spectate. :nea:
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    Despers Say "Enough is Enough"

    Bruh, it takes an excess of 15k to keep an average size steelband of 75-80 players maintained. You need to build, buy pans, you need material for racks, you need to pay a welder to make racks, you need to pay an arranger, you need pans tuned..which also needs to be paid for.. you then need paint...
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    Despers Say "Enough is Enough"

    USSA broke away from WIADCA back in 02' and had their own panorama at Jefferson Field in Bk. In my opinion it was a success despite some audio errors on the stage and a few entry gate issues. Once they did that I believe WIADCA upped the ante in award money for the bands that participated. The...
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    Current Imixers and Imixers who have left IMIx but only peep now and again...

    shit posts, shit personalities, shit arguments....every few years or so, imix gets overrun with shit :search:
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    So We did a shoot with Wycliff yesterday.....

    1. What tune allyuh playin 2. Whos arranging? 3. How far in the tune allyuh reach?
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    So We did a shoot with Wycliff yesterday.....

    Where is Pantonics yard these days? Where are the other yards for that matter? :scratch I have been out of the pan jumbie loop for a while now. I eh evm sure if I could still do a run. :nea:
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    Happy Birthday Chun Li...

    have a blessed b-day luv. :drinks:
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    Beautiful Proposal!

    I got this in an email last week. That was a serious layout. *runs and steals ideas* lol :read:
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    Are you living your dream.....

    Chasing it at the moment. I will be there soon enuff. Main thing is to stay focused, keep positive folk around me, and stay connected to those in high places.