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    Kadooment Day

    Does anyone have a link for the Kadooment Day parade?
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    CHRONIXX will be on JIMMY FALLON tonight?

    Konshens opinion doesn't matter to rastafari. He can say there I make his sketal music. But on a positive note give thanks for Chronixx for highlighting pieces of Jah9 and Jesse Royal tunes on the Rootsman riddim.
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    Rass Motivated

    Yes I pree this brethren music couple months ago. It can gwannnn. I believe he is based in Holland.
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    I'm Hearing A Lot Of Rumbling From WI's on Race! A New Garvey Movement Coming?

    The Garvey movement will never die. If Garvey was talked about more in homes and schools blacks would be far better off.
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    Things Educated Black People Like

    This list is a pack of shyt. I'm an educated black and have many friends who are as well and we don't like to do any of these probably one or two for the most.
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    Old Song ID?

    Thanks a lot bredz...You're a savior lol.
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    Old Song ID?

    I'm drawing a serious blank here with who sings this old tune and the name of it. Get your woman get your woman I'm not your woman....she tell me...... Hopefully the couple of words of the song I know helps lol
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    The Grenadian Jab Jab

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    What part of trini this mashing up in? Malabar? lol This must be VP favorite song cause this is the second time he posting it
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    Lavaman Pulling Out Of Soca Monarch Finals

    He missed a show in Dominica because he doesn't like to perform around the time his mother passed away. Lime considers this breaching the contract so they dropped him. But why not let his music play in fetes they sponsor? It isn't like Grenada carnival has twenty fetes going on at one time.
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    SuperBlue In NYC .......

    Nobody want to see Blue in NY...hype die down long time
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    The Baddest/The Best Female Rapper…She is Back !

    Bahamadia, Heather B, Rah Digga, Latifah ...everyone else is mediocre lol
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    Camboulay Tix

    I have tickets if u need