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    Black People And Aggression

    de man research things in a blind manner, one way mentality.. he's a good tool for them..
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    Black People And Aggression

    so white people that enslaved,rape and up to this day formed the kkk to shoot blacks in the states are not aggressive ? you're a perfect product of white brain washing -_-
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    history of "black people in bible"

    this alone should end the thread ( winners of war re-writes history )
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    CAPTAIN BARKLEY - shot dead

    Lone gunman shoots man and woman at Bronx motel  - NY Daily News
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    Ajala- white horse

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    a different perspective on my Black female loyalty theory

    is this what you focus your life on ? black this and that ?:confused
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    Blacks Have a Hard Time "Code Switching"?

    how these people come up with such ################eryy logics ..that can be any group of people
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    looking for an old benjai soca song

    thanks man
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    looking for an old benjai soca song

    goes like ( take ah little wine for me nah ahhh jump around dey for me nah ahhh ) any one know this ?:dirol:
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    smart guy .. race is an illusion
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    Black women’s culture to be studied for military suicide prevention

    dont join the army simple i dont know why people do that shit for a corrupted system
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    WHy black women are less physically attractive than other women

    lady those articles are used to spread ignorance black women are the most beautiful in my opinion they got every thing personality shape body and intelligents and common sense :beach:
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    Study: Restaurant servers admit poor service to black customers

    this world full ah hate and ignorance