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  • Lol it's me that upload those, but the problem they did was that the web designer made 1 catagory for VI and he put a USVI flag for it, I guess Stryka(the boss/designer) ain't know usvi and bvi is not the same area or island. I ask him 1 time already lastyear to change that and make a seperate catagory for BVI with there flag but he still ain't do it yet. I'll ask him again to make a BVI island option with it's flag. In the mean time that's y I label in the discription 2010 British Virgin Islands and put a seprate playlist for them in the playlist thread
    I missed your show on Thursday. I went to a concert. When I came back I went to the website but you were finished for the night. Next time. Btw the thread I made was deleted did anyone get in trouble for me bigging up the station. I was not showing any favoritism. Any station I feel is doing a.o.k I will big up. I have nuff respect for every station who is bringing the music and especially those that are trying to do the right thing. Oh and Happy New Year!

    We have to GET the MUSIC OUT their to COUNTERACT what is being SAID. It is because they have the MUSIC why they can GET AWAY with what they're saying. But once you have the MUSIC from the so-called SMALL ISLANDS to counteract what they're, you will see how the DEBATE/ARGUMENT will CHANG,E DRASTICALLY, because they will NOW have to ADDRESS the SONGS from the SMALL ISLANDS.
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