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    Machel and Bunji engage each other on Twitter

    According to Bunji they never performed together Machel walked onto the stage during bunji's set. Imo Machel playin mind gamesl
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    Trinidad this is an embarrassment, WTF? From the generosity of the american citizens its truly embarasssing... as a former athlete I can say it isnt the first and won't be the last.
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    Missing airliner

    Where are our resident pilots? I am actually intrigued by this story and scared shitless to get on a plane now :( what could have possibly happened? Why no debris found yet? Possible hijacking?
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    Super Bowl Betting

    Woww real ppl losing money it seems..
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    (((scandal returns)))

    My sentiments exactly, and then after that two weeks gotta wait until Feb 27th 2014 for the rest of the season....:new_russi
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    6.4 Earthquake in T&T.

    Didint feel a thing *sigh* I was on the road driving.... and just the other day that crossed my mind, that it had been a long time since we felt one
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    (((scandal returns)))

    ^^^ I thought it was me alone!!! *raised eyebrows* like that was the best line to be used
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    (((scandal returns)))

    Everyone on my timeline prob so mad at me, all week i been counting down #fanatic doesnt even describe me
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    What's the last book you read and what are you reading now?

    Last night I finished 'The Embattled Road' by J.M Madden, also before that I read (for the 4th time) 'A needful heart" by the same author... Right now I'm reading 'Just for now' by Rosalind James. Hoping to start the crossfire series by next week once my co-worker finishes reading it....
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    The Trinidad Official Carnival 2014 thread .. who ready????

    Well if the above is tru they lied because this past masquerader and tlc card holder never even got to register..... they sold out to commitee members and friends
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    A Trinidad mix-up

    Lawsuit...... trinis are too passive too much rubbish is going on in our health care system,for too long and too frequently and these doctors/nurses getting away with negligence, no suspended licenses or anything and they just collecting a fat salary come month's end.
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    Kelly-Ann Baptiste tests positive

    Oh boy.... Kelly-Ann Baptiste becomes latest top sprinter to fail drug test | Mail Online
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    Tyson Gay & 5 Jamaican track and field athletes tested positive for banned substance!

    its still the same they are req'd to stay in the room with you:drinks: