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    Junior Gong ah sellout Black women

    if dais d man preference whats the problem
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    Whats allyuh plans this weekend?

    is labor day weekend n like d place gon dead! whats allyuh weekend plans? BIG TING SMALL TING, I WHININ UP ON ALL TING, SHORT TING TALL TING I WHININ UP ON ALL TING dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::dance::dance:
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    Let d powdah flow

    Machel Montano - Powder Puff - YouTube dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1
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    Labor day Parade right around the corner...!!!

    ah goin jouvert n done dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1
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    BRASS FEST 2012 , PANORAMA, DiManche Gras - Buy Tickets Here

    damn is that time of d year already
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    Breaking News

    this remind me a
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    vodka in my veins

    Ricky T ft Mr Vegas - Pressure Boom (Remix) - YouTube
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    Why Do Some People Beleive In The Illuminati (It Doesn't Make Sense)

    Is plenty truth to d conspiracies, but some people does take it a lil too far
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    where mud play does start canival :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: monday n tuesday playin mas whole day look out fah plenty bacchanal :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
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    D Weekend

    I only goin dey fuh jouvert vibes n sweet sweet pan dais it :dance::dance::dance:
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    who gunna be be on the parkway for labour day ??

    Like yuh experience dat before or wah?
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    Notting Hill Carnival Stabbing (PICS)

    i doh know, i find it strange they went blur d crook face out so
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    D Weekend

    almost here boyyy!!!!!!!! :drag::drinks::drinks::diablo::diablo::diablo:
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    Notting Hill Carnival Stabbing (PICS)

    These astonishing pictures show the moment a bystander tried to trip up a knife-wielding hooligan who fled the scene of a stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival. Despite being laden with shopping bags, the brave man stuck his leg out into the path of a thug who was carrying a blood-stained...
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    VP - Look at ah REAL Soca Star

    yuhhhhhhhhh seeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee