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    Grown Men should not wear Jordans

    Only on my day job, and that's with hesitancy. Once off the clock I like my colorful socks and casual loafers tankyuhverymuch. I'm anti laces lol
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    Jamaicans And Haitians

    Hi there beautiful, how yuh doing? Long time I nuh pass through dem parts yah
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    So, where allyuh going for Carnival 2014 ?

    Just Miami. Would love to go trinidad but odds are slim right now.
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    Grown Men should not wear Jordans

    Never owned or had any desire to own jordans. If someone gave me a free pair I'd probably sell them.
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    Jamaicans And Haitians

    Am I the only one who noticed the almost 8 year necrobump?
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    di whole a unno

    sumbady gimme a backbrief. Mi lost
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    Hump day honeys

    Of course. I love chocolate Hey there cutie
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    Hump day honeys

    I like this thread. A lot of stunning chocolate sistas. Some good photography work too.
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    Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her For Protesting

    I can't believe that judge just turned her back and totally ignored the woman's pleas. She need to be disbarred too.
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    what apps you got????

    I need a time killing game. Something brain building, but fun and addictive.
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    The official World Cup Thread – Brazil 2014

    I seriously want to make this trip. Any useful info you guys have please share.
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    Tieing a man

    Boom! It doesn't take much to keep a man. White liva, good head, know your way around a kitchen, , don't nag, and show some intelligence. Watch and see if the man nuh keep coming back.
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    Murderers have sex on top of murdered men

    Eeeww! Somebody wouuld really want to sleep wid something like that^^^? Some sickos dem people. I can't even comprehend the desire to have sex anywhere near and/or with a corpes