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    2016 Uptempo Power Soca Tunes

    what are you guys favorites.. so far i am loving that ola
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    Kerwin + Jah Cure + Lil Rick + King Bubba FM = TUNE!

    i love this song.. somebody post the link for it on Islandmix please.. im not getting onto youtube where i am right now :) thanks big bad tune tho.. *singing* i dont need permission to mash this place up.. #dancing
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    Your opinion on the Leading Road March Contenders

    who taking groovy.. im torn between kerwin and machel.. lol...
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    yes machel is winning with MINISTRY OF ROAD... heard that song on the big box and trust me.... it done win.. no im not a big fan of machel.. but give jack he jacket!!
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    Random pics thread....

    take win!
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    Jamaicans calling for a BOYCOTT of Trinidad

    i would love to here why our officers turned away the little girl tho... child was coming to see her father for pete's sake!! #confused
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    Thought Provoking Photographs

    this pic is really sad
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    Love & Hip Hop NY- Season 4

    amina not serious right... hahahahahahahaaaaaa.. she is the joke of the year.. and peter u seriouslllyyyyyy just graduated to PRESIDENT OF THE bum b!t*h association.. smh how low can u go from here??
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    Love & Hip Hop NY- Season 4

    im loving her shoes tho!
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    NEW 2014 Machel Montano - HMA (HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE) (2014 Trinidad Soca) *SONG INSIDE*

    this song won me on the first listen.. ijust love it.. it plays every morning on my way down to work!!
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    lol i agree, men can never win against that!!
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    Love & Hip Hop NY- Season 4

    first time im hearing about the "side wife" i mean seriously???? how can u be married and keep it a secret?? amina how u sooooo dumb girl?? i mean i know mimi was dumb but u put the iciing on the cake... this man lives with his baby mother and his two kids and u think he is being there for the...
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    Moses OR Fadda Moses - Sample

    some body link it for mih please and thanks.. i looking whole day for that song on imix.. :music: touch yuh ankle gimme likkle sample
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    Help Me Choose My Next Mobile Phone

    lol.. nun wrong with having an apple dude:pardon:
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    Help Me Choose My Next Mobile Phone

    iphone all the way bro