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    African Americans saying Cardi B is not Black!

    when did they make the rule on Blackness?
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    Anyone agree that Soca is too broad of a term?

    they are calling everything Soca nowadays, the music from St Lucia is not really Soca
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    Blaxx say Fcuk Machel for Saying Jamaica Carnival is better.

    I dont know why its acceptable for Jamaica to copy trinidad culture yet when its trinidad copying Jamaican culture they bash us
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    Now that Allyuh feel powerless in the folk country, what are your plans

    I feel safer under trump's leadership and i will be going nowhere.
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    Now that Allyuh feel powerless in the folk country, what are your plans

    wine up my sweet body, only thing under attack is my fatty lol
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    Please identify this classic song

    not sure of the words but I think It might be ra ti ray - designer?
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    2018 Jamaican Soca they Don't want to know about !

    just like they tried to make fetch happen, people really trying to make Jamaican soca happen, Jamaica is reggae, dancehall nation, they may have few soca songs but don't think Jamaican soca singers will be respected by most Jamaicans anytime soon.
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    Voice wins Soca Monarch for the Threepeat

    what I dissing for years? your grandfather is ras shorty? u own soca? hull yuh ass and suck your mudda dutty nanny
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    Dimarch Gras Live link

    it boring eh
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    who now is the Queen or new Queen of Soca ?

    I think we may have to crown Patrice the Queen yo, no one is doing it like her right now NO ONE <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Voice wins Soca Monarch for the Threepeat

    since Monroe give up Soca Monarch it gone to the dogs, the last good year for me was 2011 and 2013 was good because of Superblue performance. I had interest in it up until 2015, anything past that I have no clue. It started going downhill when Machel came back to soca monarch and all the big...
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    Dispatch from Trinidad: Trouble on de Road? Carnival’s Cash Woes

    every year around the same time, same comments without fail
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    Why do you think Soca was able to survive 5 decades and continue to grow stronger?

    70's, 80's,90's,2000's and 2010's right now the genre has a bigger reach than ever with so much influences all over the region and beyond what allowed the genre to hold steady and even expand while other genres died along the way or never had such a reach maybe its because its tied to carnival?