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  • Yep God willing...[I booked in Feb, before everyone arrived back to UK]......all now im still looking for accomodation, in the woodbrook area since Feb whilst carnival season was in affect, but to no avail, i've been unsuccessful :(

    I booked with Caribbean Reunion Club - I can't remember who I am flying with though [I think it Virgin/BA] flying direct to POS and returning via Tobago, coz I wanna kick back for a minute on the beach before heading back to ol'blighty!!

    I dunno who i'd jump with seen as my first time in TNT Carnival [2k8] ah aint play mas, D'Krewe dun mess up my costume!! I'd probably play with Spice or Kaotic.

    How news reach you? LOL

    You going? I think you should come Bimshire!!
    Aww girl they all pretty...only 2 sections (Gluttony/Lust) sold out [but people do switch sometimes, so always good to ask a lil question still]....don't fret :)
    Yeah £120. I'm in Lust [Red] That section sell off already though. But we able to mix up on road, seen as we don't get judged...[after this year we can be a part of the competition].
    lol ah ain't lie!

    God only knows where you got those dates from bwoi lmao.

    Bachanal Mas is cheaper than many and like a tenner more than some [mas is £120] but offers a lot more than others girl...have a think about it!! (",) x
    oooh your a MUA??

    Oh I think you should come 'jump up' with me in Bachanal Mas!

    Is the wedding here or abroad? You do know Carnival is 30th/31st this year? A week after your friends wedding LOL (",)
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