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    i saw you mention this in a thread. zoelah's video, was just released yesterday...

    i saw you mention this in a thread. zoelah's video, was just released yesterday:
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    the 2009 international soca monarch finalists (official list)

    more on results! (Nurse) Karen (Etc): Booster Shot: 2009 International Soca Monarch Finalists announced
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    Looking for results of International Soca Awards held in St Kitts

    (Nurse) Karen (Etc): Booster Shot: Soca Award Results ...carry on!
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    "Taking soca to the next level"

    is that the same thing as seasonal? :stinker:
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    GO DOWN LOW (video) - ZOELAH

    There is a video... It's on facebook. I saw it about a month ago. Usually when something like this doesn't get "officially released" there are very good reasons for that.
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    Finally, a SOCA NEWS podcast!

    Source: Mustard Seed Media Tuesday, March 4, 2008 For Immediate Release Please circulate widely Great News!!! :yu: You asked for it, and it's finally here... Now you can get your weekly dose of Soca and carnival news from around the world downloaded directly to your computer. THE ROUNDS...
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    Unofficial Soca Monarch Semi's Results

    (Nurse) Karen (Etc) carry on...
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    Machel, Patrice, Problem Child, Farmer Nappy...

    Enjoy! <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425"...
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    Nurse Karen

    The rounds! bup bup! posting a new update... and video featuring Problem Child, Machel Montano, Farmer Nappy and Patrice Roberts tonight... Don't forget to check it out: (Nurse) Karen (Etc)
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    Nurse Karen

    Mais bien sur je suis vraiment une tu m'ecoute en Martinique! :)
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    Nurse Karen

    New Soca Info Blog... Thanks for posting this!
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    Nobody mention this chune yet..

    the chart is calculated by click. so if remixes are ranked higher, it's because people on the web want to hear them more. so it's not that chart that sucks. maybe the tastes of everyone visting the site do. :ok
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    Dr. Jay/Nurse Karen video

    you're not seeing the big, embedded YouTube box? anyway, here's the link: YouTube - Soca or Die 7
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    Dr. Jay/Nurse Karen video

    As promised on Soca Therapy last's the video of the FLOW studio lime and "Soca or Die 7". It's a bit dark, but everybody's there: Artistes: Krosfyah: Edwin, Adrian Dutchin, Khiomal Lil Rick Mr. Dale Problem Child Ricky T Nadia Batson Tizzy Kerwin Dubois Pan Men: Duvone Stewart...
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    "I wish I was born Latina...

    Carlton is TRINI the rest are black and latino...or whatever they want to self-identify as. who cares?