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  • Hey Taj ! I sent the document this morning, check your email...let me know if you can't open it

    Jeria "Ameri"
    Hey Taj...didn't see it try it again and put in the subject line InDesign Guide....triniameri@hotmail.com...also what name am I looking for...PM me yuh guvment name nah...lol
    Thanks for both Ta, good read indeed. Can't wait to see the great Naomi on tv...hope I don't faint lol...she is soooo a friend in my head (c) Wendy Williams
    Yeah u know how it guh i treat everybody nice suh dem does jus return the favour they dont lef me out at all. What you up to married rasing pickney or jus travelling and enjoying the spoils
    How cool of you to meet her. Regarding deleting: when you come out of the message, click the box and scroll down to the bottom and select delete from there. The dead page thingy goes away.
    Since yuh PM box full:
    Thank You! :clapping

    for the info regarding Rose's documentary, I came away with even more love and adoration for her. She is truly a bawl of energy, always dancing/moving singing...just all around awesome person.

    For me she is what Celia Cruz is to Salsa....a GIANT! Don't know if you've seen it...But there is one scene where she is on the sea shore of Benin and she does this call to the ocean, totally moving. I hope to some day get the chance to tell Rose how much I love her.

    Thanks again Taj :drinks:
    I was hoping you'd respond quicker...wanted to know if i should order the mint or orange/red...i went with the orange/red lol
    Those are too cute. After viewing yours, I like these..what u think? DV by Dolce Vita Marcel at Zappos.com
    Thanks for the info on Rose, was meant to see it down on E street, but I had my wisdom tooth pulled and couldn't make it :(
    Hey Taj, you ever shop from Topshop? What u think of these? KANSAS EVA Sole Loafers - Flats - Shoes - Topshop USA
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