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    Transgender or gender re assignment and the larger society

    thats true and not being a gender identity expert you want to listen to the professionals but at a point, not that you want to be prejudiced but u really just have to hold on to what you believe in regardless of some studies. Then with Bruce there's also the issue of the vehicular manslaughter...
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    Transgender or gender re assignment and the larger society

    It raises a lot of questions As far back on Oprah specials about children wanting to change gender I was really against it I felt like 8 and 12 is just so young to make a definitive decision and also want to physically change yourself but hey I dont feel what they do with such certainty. Then...
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    people who smash raw, particularly gay guys who do it because they on PREP

    Ok I think I heard about it in relation to this but the term PrEP and the info for the gay couples I had no clue
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    T&T police protest by causing massive gridlock literally everywhere.

    give dem their money they are kinda held to ransom usually cos of their profession technically they can't strike BUT how are they supposed to negotiate and lobby for fair treatment when they can't use the leverage they have? Citizens pissed but salaries stay the same 5-10-15yrs ppl fed up...
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    people who smash raw, particularly gay guys who do it because they on PREP

    how new/old is this? Seriously my first time hearing of it feel like i'm outta d loop
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    Ariana Miyamoto / Miss Universe Japan 2015 is the first multiracial contestant ever

    I believe Trump found a way to disqualify her for not being 100% Japanese even though she was born and raised there. (I could be wrong) enough ppl protested
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    Human skull with a red candle left on front doorstep in T&T

    obeah prank or old family secrets someone trying to expose???? anywhooo that aint mine to carry, next!
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    Carnival Cruise Line adds Tobago to it's list, itinerary will start next year.

    how about proper roads a 'capital' that isn't dead after 5 pm variety of food proper services and tours safety & security picturesque city where a KFC sign n shanty flea markets isn't the first thing that greets them upon docking tours steelpan and dance welcome duty free area worth a damn good...
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    Dame Dash on breakfast club

    yup then acting like he scared to talk on jay cos he affiliated with snitches and could hem him up on some fake charges ... whatever and this chatty patty thing he sound so pause.... no <strike>homo</strike> I'm glad he's trying all these ventures and trying to push his crew forward some of...
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    Dame Dash on breakfast club

    maybe its the commas could you restate this so i get exactly what you are saying
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    *Random Thoughts Thread Volume V*

    HELP send Central Brooklyn to DUBAI by Troy Johnson - GoFundMe
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    Dame Dash on breakfast club

    I dunno how many of yall listened or would listen to it but it's the first of their interviews I ever thought to share One it was funny he was handing their ass to them usually ppl confront Charlemange but Envy wasnt getting away Yes Dame can get over the top and I'm not really focussing on...
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    2015 Celebrities at Caribbean Events Thread. [PHOTOS]

    heard they were coked up outta their minds awwww he's my boo him and the guy from the canceled show Leverage.
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    RIP Aunty Hazel

    that one in particular takes you so quickly eh :(
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    Inappropriately dressed OR is it her body shape that is not being accepted?

    i dunno... ppl talk about kids these days and what they are into and aware of and do. There's a compression going on. Things that 12yo were aware of in the 80s kids much younger are aware of and discuss and act on. Even on imix some of the males spoke about the kinda sexualized kids games...