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    Quuestion to American Imixers

    A lecturer here is refering to persons of African descent in the USA as negro, Afro American and coloured. I asked the lecturer to please say African American as some of the terms you are using can cause offense to persons in the USA. I personally know that in most circles the term negro and...
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    Quuestion to American Imixers

    Is it offensive for people to refer to you as Afro American? Is African American a suitable way to refer to you? I await your responses. Big argument going on here.
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    Having a child aware..they may be stateless..

    Yep! In plenty parts of Europe it's like that. It happened in my own household, and then to my best friend. She wants to go home to live bad bad bad, but because the child's father says the child is not leaving, in Europe she stays for the sake if living with her child.
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    Miss Haiti 2013!

    Beautiful ladies. Question: Where are these photos taken? In Haiti? If so I wish the media would push more images like these of Haiti, because the ones I mainly see lately make Haiti look like a completely rotten place. Smh
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    22 children dead after eating school lunch!!!!

    Waw! My curly hair stand up straight after reading that. Really really sad:(
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    Miss Jamaica World 2013

    Lovely looking ladies.I love Stephanie and Sheree for the title.
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    After Haiti vs T&T Gold Cup Game Football Rant!

    I was howling from start to end! I was highly entertained by this rant. When he said man who does eat yam, I got weak laughing.
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    Man, 22, Threw Semen On Walmart Shopper

    Ever since seeing a video tape right here on Imix years ago of an unsuspecting woman walking down the road with headphones in ears get snatched up pulled behind a van and then emerging after being raped, that was the end of me listening to music from earphones whilst walking down the street...
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    Man of Steel

    I give Man of Steel a 6 out of 10. It got a tad silly in the end.
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    People and their phones

    The fella in the blue put him in a headlock even before checking to see if any damage was done by the phone getting dropped! SMH Nobody gets to use my phone, sorry! No one! I dropped it twice in the last few months and it cost me $160 to fix the screen twice. I'm not convinced a stranger would...
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    I want me ah Rich Trini Gal LR where you @

    The judge interupting and shouting and getting emotional is the primary reason I cannot finish watching this video. Hmmmph
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    Why are West Indians rude to Black Americans?

    The poster never claimed not to be Black American...or to be W.I So how are you sure that he/she has little retention of his/her grandpa's culture. Thus far the poster has one single thread and post on Imix.
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    wedding guestbook

    Is the most idle guestbook I ever signed. Anyhow, I have my bowl and foil paper, allyuh please dish out my food and prepare my doggy bag for me to take home thanks.
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    Excellent! Thank you Poca, this is the one. Thanks.
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    Predominantly Black Private School Bans Afro-Puffs & Small Twisted Braids.

    There seems to be an issue with all things on the head of a black person, young and old,synthetic or natural,seems like yuh can't win with your own hair choices! Steups. Yawn.