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    what kind of foodie are you???

    I could try almost anything - just don't tell me if is something nasty or I will be scornful. For instance, if is snake or something, don't tell me till after I try it. I enjoy my wile meat though... so I might still try it.
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    Is it just me or does...

    why all ah dem look like dey should fire said plastic surgeon...??? I doh know what mirror dey does be looking in...
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    Hi - it's another FBT (foreign based trini) :)

    Thanks for the welcome... trying to find a nice spot to get comfy and take in all de chat here. Dis is a busy place, boy... cyah miss a beat.
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    the other side wearing loc's...

    I have no problem with the other side loc-ing... but why it is the ones who do does allways get those nasty ratty looking dreads - I dont like yam dreads on black people either... so I wish they would get some nicer locs. Is it any harder for them to do the neat kind?
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    Soca Queen

    Destra might be the heir apparent - but she ent get the crown yet. Allison still on top... that sound roll mashing up destra, blowing she way. And sorry - Faye Ann ent ready yet for either of them.
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    I have 2 olympus cameras and them thing does take sweet pics! I had a regular film one first and because I liked the quality so much, when i was going digital I looked for an olympus. It wukking good for me.
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    Hi - it's another FBT (foreign based trini) :)

    Hey y'all - just vibesin' the place... looks like a nice crowd up in here.
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    Allison is not playing with this "ROLL"

    Allison Hinds is a beautiful woman and a very talented performer... glad to have her back on the stage. I love her music and I respect that she doesn't have to wear ridiculous outfits or behave like a skank to sell her albums... more of our soca divas should follow her example. I love my soca...
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    Oprah winfrey?

    She's come through a lot and she's on top... more power to her. She's not Saint Oprah, but she's doing the best she can with what she got... people should try to take an example and stop down crying a hard-working woman.
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    Fellas Women & thier hair

    Might just be me, but I like rolling nappy hair... (and NO, I am not a hairdresser - but I can braid a brother or a sister the same way). I can't see why a brother couldn't appreciate black hair too. As for myself - I don't bother bout a headtie to sleep, and I have bedhair in the morning - so...