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  • I have not seen you on imix for a very long time, but I still have the feeling that you visited the board, so if you see this message
    come by and say hello
    Because we miss you

    Takes Good care of yourself

    No problem Sweetie! I've pulled back this year and now I just gonna stay least for a long while. I cant take the unreasonable back n forth ppl love to pull u into. And everybody's feeling get hot up all the while and u cant say nuttin to them without a fight. Either way, your thread was nice and very true! You cant let ppl darken your spirit. Take good care of yourself!! :kiss:
    mi just ah hail yuh still cause mi did miss yuh! lol But I cant post on dis board anymore with these mad ass ppl and there delusional chatter. But yout thread did catch my eye. Hope u are keeping well Missis
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