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  • Wack played a new song produced by Frankie McIntosh tonight... if you did not hear it I will try and get a copy for you... it nice!
    ok...Machel needs new material. His "new" song sounds like he picked it out of the rubbish can, recycled it for 2k13.
    king...i have a soca mix (uptempo) u to listen and give me for you feedback. Melee & Wuk Up Pt.2 - I-95 Jouvert Edition Soca Mix 2K12 by DJ Bikeman on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Indeed you are correct... I thought you would approve/like it hence the reason for sending it to you.
    BTW if you want to guest post on my blog I will post it for you regardless or your opinions.
    I may fool around on imix but I respect everyone's views Ok.. Thanks for the response.
    Not bad at all....NICE PRODUCTION by Kenny and STRONG LYICALS by Ayana.

    I am not sure how it is going to go down, because some people might think she is being too CRITICAL. Nevertheless, overall, I think it is a song of QUALITY.
    VP check out the song by Lady Adana "Africans does glad" .. I posted the draft copy to my blog ... Kenny should have it mastered and released tomorrow. I got permission to post it ... tell me what you think.

    Go to Trinizagada
    hey. i saw you're comments on a post. "Zonel- love of my life" do you know where i can download that song or at least hear it?
    Greetings my Vincy brother,
    From all the posts i've read i consider you to be one of the most respected and influential, if sometimes controversial, posters on islandmix and I have a project from which i would like your input.

    I'm a budding soca / reggae producer and have composed a soca edition for the classic nokia ringtone for which i would like your opinion.
    The link is here.

    It would also be greatly appreciated if you could vote for it and possibly help me to promote it. Having a soca ring on nokia may help promote the genre.
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