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  • VincyPowa do you have the song perseverance by Rasum.If so it would be greatly appreciated if you can send it to me
    Greetings...Besides Hot 97.1 are there any other radio stations in SVG that stream on the internet that I should be listening to to feel the vibe of Vincy Mas?
    okay. East, West, North, South? you know which corner of the city u will stay in? Makes it easier to give u ideas.
    Hey what's up?

    I noticed that one of ur past posts included the lover's delight riddim from 2004, including chunes like touch me - ginja, a ziggy rankin chune, and all i need - erica. Do you know where i can find this riddim? If you could help me out that would be appreciated.

    well i dont take anything personal either.. lol.. and yea i feel you on not getting too involved... that always leads to drama.. i am not for it.. log on, chat, laugh, argue, cuss, log off.. lol
    Well ... this is new to me (about trinis ill treating small islanders). I come from the town of Arima and we had several families from ST. Lucia one from St. Vincent and two families from Grenada. Everyone got along well. I can't recall any incident by ear or in the newspapers of people treating immigrants from the islands badly. I don't know where you got that from. In trinidad we tease everyone who talk differently from the way we do and that goes for Tobagonians too. But this problem that you speak of is alien to me. Vincy I just turned 50 and to be honest with you this is simply not true at all.
    And by the way why is it so important to prove that Kenny or anyone else from Trinidad had Vincy roots? We are one Caribbean people my friend. It is time to look at the glass as being half full instead of half empty ok....
    Oh and by the way you are smart enough to know whom you are is a sum of the environment and culture that you are exposed to -- ent..
    Hey Vincy,
    Did you know that Kenny Phillips and Frankie McIntosh played together with King Wellington and the Earth People... Kenny just told me ... I am trying to get him to send me that Shorty track should have it to post in a while. Take a listen when I post it and give me your impressions.
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